While, visually, the current logo of the clothing company True faith has almost nothing to carry out with the original, that is symbolism has actually remained the same.

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Meaning and history


The California-based brand True religion was created in 2002 by Jeff Lubell and also Kym Gold. The was acquired by TowerBrook resources Partners in 2013 and filed because that bankruptcy protection in 2017.

Old symbol


The original True Religion logo featured the arched surname of the company in a retro slab serif type. Listed below it, the message “brand jeans,” additionally arched, can be seen. The very first line was in red, while the 2nd line remained in blue.

The wordmark could be used either ~ above its very own or along with a photo of a interlocutor smiling guy sitting and also holding a guitar. The guy was an alleged to it is in Buddha, if his laugh was attributed to the quality of the company’s products.

Current emblem


Eventually, the brand to reduce the Buddha emblem in favor of a cleaner horseshoe logo. Nevertheless, it stayed true to its initial symbolic meaning. As the company explained in a short article on its official Facebook account, “Our above horseshoe logo design was influenced by the Buddha’s smile” (October 8, 2014).



The an initial arched wordmark featured a slab serif font (apparently, Neo call Regular by the form foundry Linotype). The only notable distinction from the initial font was the the glyphs of the wordmark to be distorted because of the arched structure of the logo.

As because that the current version, though, the agency opted for a lighter type with humbler serifs. When it resembles the form Castle press #1 continuous published by Pilaster Davy, it’s tho pretty different. The angular serifs carry out a unique and elegant touch. ~ above the whole, the updated insignia is much better readable and much better fits contemporary design trends.

We have to also suggest out the the name of the agency is periodically printed top top T-shirts and also other products using a totally different form (a sans serif one). In this case, it’s generally accompanied by the horseshoe logo, which help to support the brand identity.

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While historically the True Religion logo was offered in red and also dark blue, the existing version sticks to the classic combination of the black emblem and white background. The approach, i m sorry is so common for clothes brands, offers much versatility when it comes to putting the emblem on items of various colors. In enhancement to the continuous black-dominated version, the emblem have the right to be published either in white or in any other shade depending on the color of the background and the designer’s choice.