TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Citing scholastic prestige and basketball prominence, Florida State college announced its agreement Saturday to join the Atlantic coast Conference.

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In announcing the decision to begin participating in ACC sports beginning July 1, 1991, FSU chairman Bernie Sliger said the institution was authorized the conference v a "do-what-is-best-for-FSU attitude."

FSU wants to compete with ACC colleges such as Duke, wake up Forest and Virginia in academics and athletics, Sliger said.

"We think the ACC member institutions and also Florida State University space well suited to each other in the classroom and also on the play field, " Sliger said.

The move breaks a 14-year tie v the subway Conference in all sports except football and also places FSU amongst elite basketball schools, consisting of North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Maryland. The Seminoles had actually been elevation in football.

"There is no question about what the Atlantic shore Conference will bring to ours basketball regime as a segment of our university," FSU strong Director Bob Goin said.

The ACC had actually a difficult time deciding to include a 9th team to a conference that had never had much more than eight members in that 38-year history. But Commissioner Gene Corrigan compared the transaction to "marriage right into the ACC family. It has been a whirlwind courtship."

Officials started negotatiating the FSU enhancement to the conference ~ above Aug. 17.

"Our human being were so greatly impressed in ~ the method that Florida State operation its service that it to be then apparent that we really required to do something about it," Corrigan said.

The Florida State board of Regents and the ACC poll unanimously for the move earlier this week.

"We desire to remain a family, and also believe Florida State college would made a great family member," Corrigan said.

The Seminoles" prestige as a football strength is supposed to help the ACC come obtain lucrative television contracts, officials said.

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