1) as follows are steps how to build a perpendicular bisectorPlace the compass in ~ one end of heat segment.Adjust the compass come slightly longer than fifty percent the heat segment length.Draw arcs above and below the line.Keeping the same compass width, attract arcs from other end of line.Place leader where the arcs cross, and draw the heat segment.so the sdrta.net should be for precising arcs intersect2) for adjusting the line bisector which  divides it into two same angles

Since our unknown number is x and also we are creating an equation, the eight much less than a number will be ~ above one side where the number is x, and on the various other side is 10. So,10=2x-8

Identify even if it is the series sigma notation infinity i=1 15(4)^i-1 is a convergent or divergent geometric series and uncover the sum

sdrta.net: The correct option is

(d) This is a divergent geometric series. The sum cannot be found.

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Step-by-step explanation: The offered infinite geometric series is


We room to determine whether the given geometric collection is convergent or divergent. If convergent, we room to discover the amount of the series.

We have the D" Alembert"s ratio test, claims as follows:


is an infinite series, with complex coefficients
and we consider the complying with limit:


Then, the series will it is in convergent if l 1.

For the provided series, we have


So, the border is offered by

1." alt="L\\\\\\=\lim_i\rightarrow \infty\dfraca_i+1a_i\\\\\\=\lim_i\rightarrow \infty\dfrac15(4)^i15(4)^i-1\\\\\\=\lim_i\rightarrow \infty\dfrac15(4)^i15(4)^i4^-1\\\\\\=\dfrac14^-1\\\\=4>1." align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

Therefore, together >1, and also so the given collection is divergent and also hence us cannot discover the sum.

Thuds, (d) is the exactly option.

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1. I beg your pardon expressions below are equivalent to 2(2x + 1)? choose all the apply.
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Step-by-step explanation:


4x +2

you distribution the the 2

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