Getting boring of the exact same old ear piercings the you’ve had actually forever? want to acquire a body piercing that’s unique, stylish, and edgy? An commercial earring is best up her alley. Time to learn all about both varieties of industrial piercings, the locations, heal times, and everything rather you should know about this amazing ear piercing. Acquire ready because that our favourite class: industrial Piercings 101! Your overview to gaining industrial earrings.

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Before we acquire started on all the piercing FAQs, it’s necessary to remember that healing times deserve to vary and that different types of piercings take much longer to heal. Industrial piercings commonly take around 2-3 months to heal on average, but this no a guarantee. Keeping up with the piecing care is a MUST throughout the healing process. It’s also important come avoid transforming jewelry throughout this heal period. Store in mind that body piercings need to be done by specialists for evident safety reasons.

Types of industrial Piercings


Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piecing Location: An commercial bar piercing is a helix piercing that connects to another part of the ear cartilage. (link ear piercing overview here). The most typical industrial piercing associate the front helix and the antihelix. The industrial jewelry lays throughout the height of the ear running horizontally.

Industrial Piercing Process: This human body piercing is frequently performed with a hole 14 or 16 gauge piercing needle.

Healing Time: 8-12 weeks

Recommended Jewelry: Industrial Barbells


Vertical double Conch commercial Piercing

Vertical dual Conch commercial Piercing Location: A conch piercing that runs v the within ear cartilage vertically, piercing both the inner and also out parts of the conch. This piercing runs across the ear vertically.

Vertical dual Conch industrial Piercing Process: This body piercing is frequently performed with a hole 16 gauge piercing needle.

Healing Time: 8-12 weeks

Recommended Jewelry: Industrial barbells

Now that you’ve learned about the different species of commercial ear piercings, here are a few helpful piercing FAQs:

Q: how long does an industrial piercing require to heal?A: industrial piercing healing times vary. Us recommend talking to a piercing professional about the heal period, industrial piercing bump or swelling, and also cleaning routines before getting your piercing.

Q: exactly how much do industrial piercings hurt?A: commercial piercing pain counts on her pain tolerance. Us recommend talk to a piercing professional about pain management prior to getting her cartilage pierced.

Q: exactly how much walk an commercial piercing cost?A: industrial piercing price depends on whereby you live and which piercing studio you will do it choose. There room different types of piercings that have actually varying prices. Over there are likewise different types of jewelry, such together the popular arrow industrial piercing, which may have actually a greater price 보다 standard right barbells. We recommend calling a professional piercer because that an commercial piercing price or any type of other cartilage earring prices.

Q: Why shouldn’t I obtain an commercial piercing?A: If you questioning whether or no you should get an commercial piercing, us recommend talking to a professional and considering everything prior to committing. Not every piercing is for everyone, and also that’s okay! Take your time deciding if you desire an industrial piercing, and also speak with a experienced to make sure you’re do the best decision you can for your body. If girlfriend decide the you want one, Spencer’s has tons of cute industrial piercings to pick from.

Q: how long have to I wait to change my industrial piercing jewelry?A: You need to wait until the body piercing is totally healed before transforming jewelry. The commercial earrings healing procedure can take as much as 12 weeks, for this reason it’s important that you usage the same piece of jewelry throughout that time and also keep up through the piercing aftercare.

Q: how do you provide yourself an commercial piercing?A: friend don’t! commercial barbells or any kind of kind the cartilage earring demands to be done professionally to stop any possible infections or various other complications throughout the heal process.

Q: how do I care for my commercial piercing?A: us recommend speaking with your piercing skilled for indict on industrial piercing care, however you deserve to learn more about just how to clean your piercing and also jewelry, varieties of piercings, types of jewelry, and general piercing info on our blog.

Q: have the right to men wear commercial piercings too?A: commercial piercings room for men and also women! Anybody can rock this awesome piece of jewelry.

Q: deserve to I obtain an allergy reaction?A: allergy reactions to industrial piercing jewel is a possibility, and could result in a rash, redness, or bumps. Call a piercing professional and also make sure that gaining an industrial ear piercing is the right move for you. Be certain to comment on jewelry material choices before obtaining pierced. Examine with a physician beforehand come learn an ext about your allergies.

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Now that we’ve unable to do over every one of the most important piercing FAQs, let’s walk shopping! Spencer’s is the headquarters for every one of your industrial piercing needs.