I'm make the efforts to uncover out what version years interchange top top the step-side beds. I have actually a 2004 GMC Sierra and I don't know what year model beds will interchange v it. Ns was said 1999 v 2006 but i'm no really sure. That method Chevy or GMC step-side beds.If friend have any type of idea what year models will interchange i'd appreciate it. I'm trying to locate whole bed to change the one on this 2004 that's destroyed.Thanks.

i attached a file that I have used in the past that has actually proved reliable. I have not confirmed them on the step-side but others have actually proven the end correct. It provides the measurements so you have the right to confirm each bed that you find, if girlfriend would favor to.

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Let united state know exactly how this transforms out. Thanks


Thanks. Ns think they to be right around a 1999 v 2006 fitting together they adjusted styles in 2007. Now, i'm on the lookout because that a bed because that mine and likewise a power driver seat unit for this reason it's going to it is in along roadway ahead, lol.

Hello, I'm Danny.Just to include my 2 cent as a Silverado owner you have the right to interchange any kind of short bed fleet-side or step side bed from a GMC or Chevrolet from version year 1999-2007. Over there are straight bolt on. Also, over there is a truck parts place in Kansas USA referred to as LMC Truck that sells replacement bed patch panels. I've attached a picture below as an instance of fleet-side spot panels the are easily accessible from LMC Truck. I know yours is a step-side but I just wanted to present you part possibilities that are easily accessible from LMC Truck.I know many parts sources for Chevrlet trucks. Expect this helps and thanks for using sdrta.net.

give thanks to you, Danny. I'll head end to your site and look around. I recognize I have actually quite a couple of things to change besides the bed or bed sides. Driver chair doesn't raise the bottom however goes ago and forward and also tilts the back, also blows up the lumbar. Just that one portion of the seat to raise the front or earlier or whole seat bottom up has me flabbergasted detect it. Probably they'll have that and some of the various other parts on mine list.This van is a 2004 GMC Sierra expanded cab step-side Z71 with only 105,000 mile on that so I desire to build it ago the right way and don't really choose shopping eBay or Amazon. Many thanks a lot.Tim
Yeah, I believed the 2011 year sounded turn off for that record but it s been appropriate to this point. This is just one of the most most typical trucks on the planet so parts accessibility shouldn t it is in an issue. Good suggestion that LMC Danny. Let us know what other info you need and if you need much more help on that seat worry let s gain a post started for it and also we will aid out. Thanks
You're welcome Tim!Glad to be of help.Like Kenny stated if you start a brand-new question around your strength seat us can deal with that together well. Here is the link:https://www.sdrta.net/questions/newWe'll be searching for your question.Hope this helps and thanks again for using sdrta.net.Danny-
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