The Spanish had actually encouraged limited immigration into Louisiana if the an ar was under its control (1763–1800). Spanish officials hope that enabling foreigners to resolve in their territory would result in a grateful and loyal population. The results seemed favorable, and also in 1820, officials made decision to extend the plan to Texas. After exerting its self-reliance from Spain the adhering to year, the new nation of Mexico adopted colonization together the method to both for sure Texas and set the territory on the roadway to prosperity.

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Manuel de Mier y Terán (1890) by cutting board S. C.

The influx of immigrants into Texas native the united States, which began as a trickle, soon became a flood. ~ conducting an main tour of Texas in 1828, general Manuel Mier y Terán, warned his federal government that quick action was compelled to save Texas in the mexico federation. Americans to be settling in their own communities, essentially recreating life together they had known it in the U.S. And often making little effort to adapt to or adopt Mexican culture. If this procedure continued, that contended, the result would it is in a demand by Americans living in Mexico to reunite v the unified States. Also if this did not happened, Texas would progressively turn to the north and away from the remainder of Mexico.



Decreto de 6 de Abril de 1830 , Republic the Mexico, 1830, Broadside Collection, Briscoe center for American History, college of Texas at Austin.

In an answer to Mier y Terán’s report, the mexico Congress passed the law of April 6, 1830. The legislation consisted of eighteen articles designed to boost Mexico’s host over Texas. At its heart to be a half on further homesteaders from the unified States, as well as a crackdown on enslavement in Texas. The law likewise called for the facility of a series of new forts manned by judge soldiers, that would provide the labor essential for building of the forts and roads connecting the new forts to other communities. Several write-ups of the law influenced trade and taxes, placing restrictions on the early american economy. Additionally, the law motivated Mexicans indigenous country’s interior to relocate to Texas by giving land and financial assistance.

The regulation of April 6 came also late to avoid the events that Mier y Terán had foreseen. Mexico short the sources to develop the solid military frontier compelled to manage Texas or come relocate huge numbers of mexicans there. The prohibition against colonists from the U.S., the constraints on trade, and the existence of convict soldiers developed friction in between the colonists and Mexican officials. The 1832 Anahuac Disturbance, which lugged William B. Travis come the fist of this fellow colonists, to be a straight reaction to the law and its enforcement. In ~ a few years, colonists working through the legislature of Coahuila y Tejas and also by straight appeal come the national federal government succeeded in have most that the short articles in the regulation reversed.

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Mier y Terán did not live to see his predictions come true. In July 1832, despondent over events in Texas and the region’s future, the basic committed self-destruction by fallout’s on his sword while in ~ the town of san Antonio in Padilla, Tamaulipas.