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Actually, the very first and 2nd Estates paid no taxes whatsoever. This intended that one hundred every cent the the tax burden fell on the third Estate. To make matters worse, as a means of increasing money to finance his number of wars, luigi XIV had started the practice of creating new...

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Actually, the very first and 2nd Estates payment no counting whatsoever. This supposed that one hundred per cent the the taxes burden dropped on the third Estate. To do matters worse, as a means of raising money come finance his number of wars, louis XIV had begun the practice of creating new titles of nobility which were marketed for a handsome price. Those that purchased title of nobility, recognized as "nobility of the robe" appreciated all the privileges of the more traditional "nobility the the sword," including flexibility from taxation; to add the titles were inheritable. Thus, once one purchased a location of nobility, one freed both himself and also his heirs in perpetuity native taxation. The end result, that course, to be to mitigate the taxation base if expenses continued to mount.

Among the other benefits held by the top estates:

The very first Estate (the clergy) were about 100,000 in number however owned approximately ten percent of all the land. Castle did no pay tax, however did contribute a "voluntary gift" come the government. The priest themselves gathered a ten every cent tax from the 3rd Estate which the upper clergy (all nobility) used to preserve a way of life which countless described together luxurious and also extravagant. The 2nd Estate (nobility) numbered about 400,000 and also owned twenty five percent the the land. They payment no tax, yet did taxes the peasants that lived on your lands. They additionally had exclude, hunting and fishing rights; own monopolies top top mills, wine presses, even bakery ovens. They obtained a fee for the use of any type of of these resources. They additionally enjoyed the ideal to undertake a sword on publicly occasions together a note of distinction to separate them indigenous the reduced classes.