Unsafe passes space passes with limited line the sight, passes v cross traffic, narrow passes which space unsafe. Several collision can an outcome from make unsafe passes. Several of them are: -getting run off the road-getting sideswiped-getting fight head-on

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The nonreflective coating ~ above a camera lens with an table of contents of refraction of 1.21 is designed to minimize the have fun of 570-nm

sdrta.net: 117.8 nm



Nonreflective coating refractive index : n = 1.21

Index the refraction:

= 1.52

Wave length of light = λ = 570 nm =




Hence, the minimum thickness the the coating that will accomplish= 117.8 nm

A satellite is orbiting earth in an around circular path. It completes one change each day (86,400 seconds). That orbi
For each revolution, the satellite covers the one of that orbit.The circumference of a one is (pi) x (diameter).Since the satellite is 22,500 miles from the center, the numberis the radius the the circle. The diameter is 45,000 miles.The circumference is (pi) x (45,000 miles) = 141,372 mile The satellite"s average speed is 141,372 miles every day, or (141,372 / 24) = 5,890 miles every hour relative to the facility of the Earth.

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b) 1056.26 Joules

c) 372.80103310622 km²


Energy consumption

Total population = 300 million

Each human being consumes 1056.26 Joules.

Efficiency = 0.85

Power native Sun



Converting to km²


Area compelled to collect the electric energy used in the United says is 372.80103310622 km²