Lunch and also dinner in Spain are later than you think — how do Spanish eat habits and Spanish meal times to compare to your residence country? because that us, having actually such a so late dinner in Spain took rather a little bit of adjustment. If you’re going to visit the country for a main or a year, you might want to prepare yourself for Spanish eat habits and also the time that meals in Spain.

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Spanish meal Times:Spanish eating Habits

Understanding Spanish eat habits and the typical Spanish meal times room both important aspects of enjoying your visit. For most of you, the moment for lunch and also dinner in Spain could be considerably different than how your own family members operates. Listed below I try to define meals in Spain and Spanish eating behavior as finest I can.

One the the biggest distinctions in Spanish eating actions for us was that Spanish civilization eat much later on (and more often) than we were accustomed to. Restaurants might not it is in open as soon as you can expect them come be. Lunch in Spain beginning late. Dinner in Spain starts also later. For hungry kids and adults alike, this can seriously influence your enjoyment.

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Table that Contents

5 Meals a Day: Breakfast, having lunch & Dinner in Spain (+2)Spanish eating Schedule — Meals in SpainAlmuerzo: Brunch in Spain (Not really)Comida: lunch in SpainMerienda: Snack Time in SpainSiesta culture in SpainCena: Dinner in Spain

5 Meals a Day: Breakfast, having lunch & Dinner in Spain (+2)


It turns out that concepts like “three meals a day” and also “breakfast is the most vital meal” room not component of Spanish food culture. And from what ns understand, the exact same is true because that Spanish eating actions as a whole. To know the Spanish dining culture, friend must recognize these five Spanish mealtimes. Listed below is a quick, broad-brush summary of the classic Spanish eat schedule.

Spanish eat Schedule — Meals in Spain

There are essentially four meals in Spain each day. Sometimes five, back these room not every “full meals” by some standards. The meals in Spain, in order, are as follows:

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Desayuno: Breakfast in Spain…Kind Of


Desayuno is the an initial typical Spanish enjoy the meal of the day. This is the Spanish breakfast equivalent, however there’s frequently not much to it. Breakfast food in Spain is usually simply a pastry and a drink favor coffee or milk. Out of all the Spanish mealtimes spanned here, breakfast in Spain is frequently the smallest. Many kitchens in Spain have actually a little table for household members to sit for a quick bite before they head the end to work or school. Our boy had actually to leave the residence at 7:40 to be to be on time for classes at his institution in Valencia, for this reason he ate other fast in between stumbling the end of bed and getting dressed because that the day.

Almuerzo: Brunch in Spain (Not really)

Almuerzo comes a few hours ~ Desayuno. Possibly this can be referred to as Spanish brunch since it’s normally eaten in between 10:30 and 11:30, yet instead the poached eggs and a bloody mary, it’s frequently just more bread. Where we stayed in Valencia, almuerzo frequently takes the form of a toasted baguette v ham and/or a tomato spread(tostada con tomate), most likely accompanied through cafe con leche (basically alatte) or cafe solo (espresso).

Most Spanish eating actions are slow and unrushed, and you’ll view that in ~ lunch and also dinner in Spain. However, almuerzo have the right to take the type of a quick bite in a cafe. You’ll see numerous office workersusingthis time come smoke, chat and haveasnack at street-sidetables. You may also see some school youngsters on the street gnawing top top a small sandwich, which countless kids lug to school with lock — including our kids.

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Comida: lunch in Spain


Comida is the 3rd Spanish mealtime the the day. It’s essentially lunch yet is usually served about 2 afternoon or also later. If girlfriend eat a sandwich in ~ 11 am, you’re no going to be hungry because that a few hours, right? Traditionally in Spanish food culture, comida (lunch in Spain) is also the biggest enjoy the meal of the day, regularly involving multiple courses.

If you walk to a restaurant, lock usually have a choice of set course lunches, which make up their menu del dia (“menu the the day”). This usuallyconsist of afirst plate, drink, then an entree and possibly coffee anddessert. Valenciais the residence of paella, the delicious rice dish the many world associate with every one of Spain. Therefore you deserve to imagine what’s the most usual main coursehere. Be warned the your coffee will virtually nevercome till you end up your dessert. Even if girlfriend ask.

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Merienda: Snack Time in Spain


The 4th Spanish enjoy the meal of the day ismerienda. I’ve heard it contrasted to what human being in commonwealth Nations might think about tea time. The method I saw it pat out right here in Valencia, however, is mostly as a snack for youngsters who space just gaining out of school at approximately 5 pm.It’s usually more bread: a small sandwich, a pastry or part cookies. They require a snack at five, that seems. After all, dinner won’t be offered for another four or 5 hours! Our youngsters were farming so fast that they generally devoured a couple of bananas and also apples as quickly as they acquire home. I’m certain that castle wouldn’t complain if we fed them chocolate croissants.

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Siesta culture in Spain


Does finishing institution at 5 pm sound choose a lengthy day? Well, youngsters in Valencia have a two-to-three-hour rest in the center of the day so they have the right to come residence for comida (Spanish lunch), i beg your pardon is traditionally the household meal. Most schools and also businesses close because that several hours in the afternoon so the everyone have the right to go home or to a restaurant and also eat together.

Spanish siesta society is various in each part of the country, yet this was a huge component of Spanish eating behavior in the entire nation for centuries. In fact, most world take off a couple of hours because that lunch. It’s likewise common for human being to go to work, remain for an hour or two, climate close increase shop and also head the end for almuerzo because that an hour. After life in 24/7 Tokyo for so long, this way of living was a little bit of a shock, however we acquired used come it. It to be all part of the Spanish culture shock that became component of our family story.

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Cena: Dinner in Spain


Finally, cena is the last enjoy the meal of the day and also comes at approximately 21:00 or later. Dinner in Spain is regularly light compared to lunch. In fact, dinner in Spain looks a lot favor what I reap for breakfast: eggs, potatoes, and some type of fried or grilled seafood (we room still a family from Tokyo after all). The course, dinner in Spain can take countless forms, through the shared, small-plate layout oftapas gift the most popular.

If you’re to plan on dinner in Spain about 7 PM in ~ a tapas ar — or almost any Spanish restaurant for that matter — you’ll most likely be eat alone. The place may not also be open yet. The very same goes because that trying come eat having lunch in Spain at a classic Spanish restaurant in ~ noon. Sure, the tourist hotspots will be open up earlier, yet the food will certainly be ready (and priced) because that tourists. No for locals.

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Dinner in Spain was too late for us. You may enjoy starting an appetizer in ~ 10 or 11 pm, however as a parental of two, that was challenging for united state — especially since we all had to get up early! i don’t know how Spanish people do it, really. It’s various when you eat meals in Spain on holidays for a few weeks, yet when it’s every day, it to be a challenge.

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Spanish Eating actions & Spanish enjoy the meal Times: could You Adjust?


What room your favorite meals in Spain? would certainly these Spanish eating habits be a plus or a minus for you? could you eat such a late-night dinner in Spain on a continual basis? have actually you been to Latin American cultures where the mealtimes were later than you were accustomed to? exactly how did you adapt (or walk you)?

Did you gain this short article on Spanish eat habits and also Spanish meal times? What did us miss? What details on eating in Spain did us miss? Or to be it different where girlfriend visited? because that example, to united state in Valencia and also Barcelona, breakfast food in Spain because that bread and coffee. Was Spanish breakfast different for you elsewhere?

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