In this article, I’m going come look in ~ what the best baseball bat is because that 7 come 12 year old kids. If your kid is at sight serious about playing baseball, then this is a critical step in the development of their skill of the game.

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It’s no as simple as simply walking into your local sports store and picking increase a bat or just picking one that is on sale online. There are many things to consider; your child’s current skill level, their potential ability level, the size of the bat – the list goes on!

Don’t worry, due to the fact that I’m going to cover every element that matters as soon as finding a baseball bat for her kid, even if it is they’re 7 years old, 12 year old or what in-between.

Our write-up on the finest youth baseball bats about in 2021 walk a an excellent job in finding one of the ideal bats roughly for your kid, however I’m going to walk one step further and narrow it down by age.

Let’s get to it.

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Baseball Bats because that 7-12 Year Olds: key FactorsBest Baseball Bat for A 7 Year OldBest Baseball Bat because that A 8 Year OldBest Baseball Bat because that A 9 Year OldBest Baseball Bat because that A 10 Year OldBest Baseball Bat for A 11 Year OldBest Baseball Bat for A 12 Year Old

Baseball Bats for 7-12 Year Olds: vital Factors

As ns briefly discussed above, over there is lots to think about when hunting down the ideal baseball bat for her kid. It’s vital that he doesn’t gain disheartened because of a bat that’s as well heavy, also light or just not good enough.

It can be a daunting, pressurizing and also frankly overwhelming process. I’m below to aid take the load off her mind and also find the bat the is appropriate for your young star in the making. Here are the vital factors you should consider prior to making a purchase:

Bat Weight

Alongside the size (which I’ll obtain to next), this is a crucial thing to consider. If the bat is too heavy or also light for your kid, it’s walking to influence their game and their confidence.

Naturally, a really heavy bat is something friend should certainly avoid at this stage of your child’s development; if it’s too hefty for them to swing, it’s the no use at all!

Likewise, a an extremely light bat will have actually the opposite effect; if it’s as well light, it will severely limit her kids capability to send the ball farther.

The weight of the bat doesn’t have a ‘one dimension fits all’ rule; you’re trying to find something in between heavy and light, yet with a bit of room for adaptability – that won’t it is in dead in the middle.

Bat Length

Another equally vital factor is the length of the baseball bat for her 7-12 year old. Again, this is a fine balancing act between too long and also too short.

If the bat is too long, your son will discover it more difficult to totter effectively. If that is too short, the surface space of the bat will certainly be too small of a target because that the round to affix with.

Your typical 8 or 9 year old son should be able to swing a 27 come 29 inch bat quite comfortably; there is room for error though. When more, you want something in-between, however with room because that flexibility depending on your child’s height and weight.

So just how do you occupational out whereabouts top top the weight and also length range your kid is?

It’s time to get the measuring rod out.


This baseball bat sizing chart will considerably narrow the target range that her are trying to find when trying to find baseball bats for your kid. Measure your kids height and weight, and also then usage the chart to find the bat size you’re looking for.

Now you have actually a very great idea the what length and also weight that bat you’re spring for!

That’s a big chunk that the task done. Let’s lug on with some much more important things to consider.

Bat Drop

Something rather to take into consideration is the autumn of the bat. It’s crucial to note that the autumn of the bat is identified by the length and also weight the the bat, therefore the job must be done for you here in most cases.

In an easy terms; the fall of the bat is calculate by the difference between a bat’s length and weight. For example, a 28 inch lengthy bat the weighs 20 ounces will have actually a fall of -8.

28 (length) – 20 (weight) = 8. It’s nice straightforward, all the you must remember to calculation the drop is the formula.

It’s essential to keep in mind that if your son is playing in a baseball league, that the organization may have details policies regarding the maximum autumn it will allow. If you’re unsure, get in contact with your youngsters league to uncover out if they have an energetic policy for this.

Speaking of policies and rules, that takes us on to the penultimate aspect to consider…


Rules and Regulations

Before girlfriend invest in her child’s baseball game, it is important to inspect out every one of the rules and regulations the the league your child is play it.

There would be nothing worse than investing $300 top top a top of the variety bat, to then find out the your child cannot use it in your competitive league.

There yes, really shouldn’t it is in that plenty of strict rules about the choice of bat at 7 to 12 year old levels, however there could be. It’s worth exploring to make 100% sure.

For example, there space some youth leagues that need the Bat Performance variable (BPF) the the bat to it is in 1.15. Some youth leagues call for the bat barrel to be in between 2 ¼” and also 2 ⅝”.

If you’re still in a bit of doubt; look for a bat the is certified by the USSSA, or a comparable certified body, such together the ASA.

The bat will certainly either specifically mention the certified human body in the revenue listing, or you will check out the certification stamp of the pertinent body ~ above the bat.

Now, I’ve left the most necessary factor till last, and also it’s the one that can be forgotten about…

Your Kid

When you’re in search of the best baseball bat for your 7-12 year old, it deserve to be very easy to get captured up in every the selections and options and the most vital person in all of this have the right to be forget about.

Now, please don’t think I’m accusing girlfriend of forgetting her kid and leaving that in the grocery store store!

What I’m saying is, take her kid into consideration. In ~ 7-12 years old, he’s in ~ a fragile stage in his life.

Does he desire to pursue baseball seriously? walk he just want to play because that fun through his friends? His thoughts and also feelings space what matter most as soon as buying that a baseball bat.


At such a young age, he might not understand if he desires to play baseball serious in later on life. On the contrary, that may have actually his heart completely set on it!

If he just wants to have a little bit of funny from time-to-time, it wouldn’t be wise to autumn $300-400 top top a peak of the selection bat.

If he’s showing indications of wanting come play seriously either currently or together he it s okay older, you have to encourage him, and also will want to invest in a bat in ~ this price range.

Who knows, you can have the next Babe Ruth in your family…OK, it’s unlikely, yet anywhere close would certainly be good right?!

Now is the moment to discover out what your kids thoughts and also feelings are on what direction he desires to go.

Baseball Bats because that 7-12 Year Olds: The Choices

So then, that’s the research study taken care of. Now you’re screaming ‘show me the bats’ at me.

I’ve damaged it down by yearly of age so you can uncover one that is specifically best for your kid’s age.

The bats chosen also come in a variety of length and also weight size so girlfriend can uncover the specification girlfriend need.

Just come be decision clear; if your child is 7, yet will it is in 8 in two or 3 months time, look in ~ the the 8 year old classification rather than the 7 year old.

Not only will your son be all yet ready come progress, you’ll get an ext time and also value because that money.

Best Baseball Bat for A 7 Year Old

Here is what we take into consideration to be the best bat you can buy because that a seven year old, and also the reasons why we have chosen it.

DeMarini 2020 Voodoo



Our selection for a 7 year old is from among the best youth bat brand in the world; DeMarini.

The DeMarini 2020 Voodoo comes v a stunning style that is sure to capture the eye of any kind of adult, never ever mind a young child! Your boy will it is in the envy that the whole league once they catch a glimpse the this one on the field.

The an excellent points don’t prevent at the architecture though; the bat comes in a range of different drop sizes, and also we would certainly aim towards the -9, -10 level in ~ this phase of your kids development.

The bat comes with the best 2 5/8” barrel which will help your son with their ball link immensely.

This bat is likewise USSSA approved, so friend will have no troubles whatsoever in it’s use for competitive league play.

Best Baseball Bat for A 8 Year Old

Now we relocate on come the eight year old market; not a large jump up, and also the DeMarini 2020 Voodoo would definitely be suitable here too. It’s good to have alternatives though, for this reason here’s an additional top alternative for your 8 year old.

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro



I have an extra-detailed review easily accessible for this bat!Check the end our Rawlings 2020 Quatro pro review.

There’s a complete length review on this giving from Rawlings because that a reason; it’s good. Very great in fact.

The 2020 Quatro pro comes in a range of different drop sizes, and you’re sure to find a dimension that is pretty lot spot on. The key drop size in production are -12, -10 and -8, which will certainly cover even the pickiest of players.

The bat is made the end of a material referred to as carbon fiber composite; this product is tough, and also will last for a very long time. I know what children can it is in like, and also this bat will withstand even the roughest that treatment!

Like the 2020 Voodoo, this bat is officially certified for all youth leagues.

Best Baseball Bat for A 9 Year Old

Next increase is the finest baseball bat for a 9 year old. There room a variety of similar bats indigenous the same firm for this next one, yet I’ll describe why ns picked this one specifically.

Louisville Slugger Solo SPD



It’s one understatement to say Louisville Slugger, more than likely my favourite bat brand, have smashed it out of the park through their 2020 range. They’ve smashed it the end of this galaxy.

Our dedicated section for Louisville Slugger in 2020 is filling up all the time, and also it’s no wonder why as soon as they create bats choose this.

There’s a large range that bats from them this year, including the Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime, yet the best an option for me for a 9 year old would certainly be the Solo SPD.

Why? It’s weight. It’s the lightest the the range, make it much more suitable for younger kids, yet it doesn’t lose any kind of quality versus the other options.

This deserve to reach an tremendous drop of 13. Yes, -13. There space a variety of different sizes once an ext to fit your kid.

Like all of the options on this page, the bat is USA authorized for use at all youth levels.

Best Baseball Bat for A 10 Year Old

Let’s continue on come our choice for a 10 year old. We’re heading earlier to the brand that DeMarini as soon as more, and also for an excellent reason.

DeMarini 2020 CF Zen



We have an extra-detailed review obtainable for this bat!Check out our DeMarini 2020 CF Zen review.

This bat stands the end purely since it come in such a huge size yet feels so irradiate to swing.

If your child is playing in the USSSA, or any certified league, it will be extremely challenging to find a bat much more suitable than the CF Zen.

With a 2 3/4″ barrel, that takes size to the pure limit. You likewise have the selection of going a little heavier v the -8 model.

If you’re wondering even if it is this bat will certainly sacrifice rate swing because of the enlarge barrel; just put, it doesn’t.

Best Baseball Bat for A 11 Year Old

It’s time to take a look at what is out there for a 11 year old. They had to come into factor to consider soon, and it’s time. I’ve picked out this beauty indigenous Easton.

Easton 2020 Ghost



We have an extra-detailed review available for this bat!Check out our Easton 2020 Ghost review.

They had to popular music up eventually; Easton is just one of the very first brands that come to mind when you point out baseball bats.

If you’re unsure ~ above the best size because that your child at this age; fear not. The 2020 Ghost come in together a large arrange that drops and also specifications that it will certainly be impossible to not find the appropriate one.

The point that stand out most is the balance the this bat. Neither swing speed, nor hitting strength is compromised by the other.

You can have i found it from the sidebar that we’ve picked this bat out together the ideal fast-pitch bat for 2020; it’s USSSA approved, yet for fast-pitch only. Bare the in mind.

It also comes totally certified for usage in the ASA (USA), NSA, ISA and also ISF.

Best Baseball Bat for A 12 Year Old

Finally, it’s time come look in ~ the best baseball bat for a 12 year old. You may be last on the list however you are absolutely as important! I have actually to offer a small bit the a spoiler warning for this one; I might have pointed out it previously on.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime



As ns was deciding on mine final choice in the 12 year old category, ns couldn’t help but an alert what this customer on Amazon had actually to say about the LS 2020 Prime:

“My child loves this bat. It’s a 3 piece, and also he really deserve to tell the difference. As he progresses in the sport, it’s precious it to get him great equipment. He loves this bat.”

I couldn’t have actually put it much better myself, yet I will increase on it.

The crucial word in that evaluation is progresses, or progression. Ns picked the Solo SPD because that a 9 year old earlier because at that age, the lighter bat is much more preferable.

By the time your boy reaches 12 though, they will be ready to move onto larger things. The 2020 prime is whatever and an ext at this phase of your life.

It functions a 2 5/8” barrel, i beg your pardon under USA rule is the maximum allowed. As soon as more, it come in a selection of size from 28″/18 come 32″/22. You are spoilt for choice.

Final Words

So, there you have it. No only have actually I currently produced a perform of the ideal bats because that youth baseball currently in 2021, however I have actually now gone one action further and also narrowed it down to annually of period from 7 to 12.

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Got a comment or question? Please feel free to comment below and also I will certainly get ago to you. If you preferred the article, ns would additionally really evaluate a society share or two!

I wish you and your kid every success as they progression through your younger year in the civilization of baseball. Hopefully I have been a large help v their progress.