are words like "yesterday" and also "tomorrow" considered nouns, adjectives, or also adverbs? I"m acquiring mixed signals from number of references.

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In a situation like "I have critical meeting tomorrow," it seems as if they"re nouns. Yet what about "Yesterday afternoon?"



They have the right to work together nouns or adverbs.

For example:

"Yesterday was a good day"; here, yesterday functions as a noun."I will execute that tomorrow"; here, tomorrow functions as one adverb.

Get prepared for an ext mixed signals. The Cambridge Grammar of the Language (CGEL) provides an evaluation that differs drastically from the various other answers here.

It says that yesterday, today, tonight, and also tomorrow are pronouns. The evidence:

Like I and you, they"re deictic. Which work yesterday is relies on the paper definition of the speech act, i.e. As soon as you say it.Unlike typical nouns, they don’t take determiners. Girlfriend can’t say The yesterday was great.Unlike adverbs and also prepositions, they have actually a possessive form. Compare: power was great.

(It doesn"t cite Shakespeare’s “...And all our yesterdays have actually lighted fools the method to dusty death.” which reflects yesterday acting a lot choose a noun. I mean they’d to speak that’s just Shakespeare playing v words.)

In a case like "I have critical meeting tomorrow," it seems as if they"re nouns.

CGEL spends number of pages ~ above “temporal ar expressions”. They room sometimes however not always adverbs. Several examples are provided of noun phrases the specify time: I have critical meeting . that is, certain noun phrases can be tacked onto a sentence in simply the same means as an adverb or a prepositional phrase.

But what about "Yesterday afternoon?"

Here the pronoun yesterday attributes as a determiner. This is not something pronouns typically do; it"s one oddball case.

Determiners incorporate the bolded expression in twelve angry men, my red tennis shoes, a sandwich, your father"s truck, three or 4 billion dollars. A singular count noun usually needs a critical in front of that if it"s walk to duty as, say, the subject of a sentence. Compare: was great.

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Apparently the work of the main can additionally serve as determiners this way: Sunday afternoon.