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Zookeepers have actually admitted their gigantic monitor lizards "eat better than castle do" after offer them increase steak and crab.

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A worker in ~ The Reptile Zoo, in California, mutual a clip of among their popular feeding videos to TikTok, special Frank Jr.

The viral clip, which has actually been watched more than 24 million times, reflects the reptile do gobbling up a luxury platter.

The zookeeper lays down a board piled high with a totality fish, another chunk of flesh which resembles a fish head, a slice of life meat, a river shrimp, two crabs, a chicken leg and some squid.

"So we"re going come do an additional one of our feeding videos, and this male knows it"s happening," she claims as candid Jr eagerly goes for the first bite.

He nearly gets much more than the bargained for, together the zookeeper has to easily yank she hand the end the way, saying: "My finger to be on the very first one"

Frank Jr beginning off through the crab, swallowing that whole, as the zookeeper says: "You see that slide down, the went right down."

She explains why the lizards don"t chew your food, saying: "So these males are scavengers, therefore he"ll walk for the one and before it"s even swallowed, you can still view it down here, he"ll start going for other stuff together well. Because in the wild lock don"t recognize when their following meal is going come come from, for this reason they"re like I"ve got to gain it all in as much as I have the right to as rapid as ns can."

After wolfing under the restaurant-worthy selection, the zookeeper added: "He was built to damage buffets."

And for anyone that thinks the lizard look at familiar, you may recognise a family resemblance if girlfriend watched Disney"s Jessie.

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The zookeeper says: "This is frank Jr, so this is mr Kipling"s nephew."

Mr Kipling to be the "7ft, 70lb Water screen Lizard" i beg your pardon starred in the Disney Channel show, i beg your pardon ran from 2011 - 2015.

Mr Kipling, who was later found to be Mrs Kipling, belonged to Ravi, play by Karan Brar, through the zookeeper admitting the present made "the monitor lizard iconic because that most."

The zoo"s website, which homes venomous snakes, crocodilians and also spiders, describes Frank together everyone"s "favorite celebrity lizard."

Numerous pan of the present commented on the clip, which to be captioned "This lizard eats far better than me."

Love Urself Bish commented: "I knew why he has actually Jessie vibes."

Felix der Tju thought: "Bro eatin betta than most people ."

While TikToker Tadeh1337 wrote: "They don"t chew huh? They"re like snakes."

And Merujhan1062917 added: "Nobody"s going to talk about how that ate a totality fish and also just swallowed it."


The four-foot crocodile monitor lizard was found sunning itself in the backyard the a southern California house on November 1. A zookeeper has actually revealed what one of their monitor lizards eats in a solitary sitting.