Dr. David Marion poses with Ace, a great Pyrenees dog that starred as a puppy in the movie "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups." Ace is currently 16 month old, weighs 125 pounds and is tho growing.

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EUREKA -- David and Debbie Marion and also their two sons couldn"t wait to watch "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups" once the direct-to-video movie was released critical week. It"s not every day the family members dog is the star of the show.

Their an excellent Pyrenees, Ace, was simply a puppy as soon as filming because that the "Santa Paws" sequel started a year back in Fernie, brothers Columbia. Dr. David Marion, a veterinarian with offices in Eureka and also Fernie, to be selected to administer health checks for the puppies ~ above the movie set. He remained on speak to for veterinary services throughout the filming.

"As a thank you, lock let united state pick a puppy," said Debbie Marion, the practice manager for your business, A Country animal Hospital.

The film crew come in Fernie in September 2011 and had to make carry out with synthetic snow till the real white stuff arrived in November. "Santa Paws 2," developed by Walt Disney Pictures, is the sequel to the 2010 direct-to-video film, "The search for Santa Paws."

It"s a fun holiday movie revolving roughly a group of playful pups who stow away on Mrs. Claus" sled together she travels to Pineville. Cheryl Ladd plays Mrs. Claus. Taking mischief to a whole brand-new level, the puppies begin granting joyful desire to Pineville"s boys and also girls, but something go terribly wrong and also the Christmas spirit starts to disappear. The Santa Pups and Mrs. Claus must number out a method to conserve Christmas approximately the world.

Ace, that played the part of Noble in the film, wore assembly in the movie to create a black color ring of fur approximately his left eye. He to be the lead dog.

"He to be the mischievous one that took things off the counter," Debbie said, including that the family members had to correct few of Ace"s tendencies after ~ he pertained to live with them at their Eureka home.

The Marions listed all kinds of help as the movie crew functioned with the rambunctious puppies. Once the crew needed a quiet way to dried the puppies after your baths - standard blow-dryers fear the pups - the Marions available their bear Hugger heating blanket that"s frequently used to slowly warm hypothermic animals.

The Marions opened up their veterinarian clinic in Eureka in 2007 and added the clinic in Fernie 2 years ago. A Country pet Hospital has sculpted out a niche as the only veterinary clinic in the an ar and in Canada the specializes in stem-cell treatment that"s search after because that pets enduring from arthritis, tendonitis and other inflammatory conditions.

Establishing a 2nd clinic across the border was a paperwork-laden process, Debbie said, however it"s going well. Because that clients who may not have actually passports or not desire to take trip to Eureka, a unique shuttle transports pets to the Eureka basic for various procedures.

Christmas shopping is a little easier because that the Marions this year. Countless on their list will be obtaining a copy the the brand-new movie, which was released ~ above DVD, Blu-ray and also iTunes.

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"We bought rather a few," Debbie said. "We just watched it last night and it was funny to say, "That"s our boy.""



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Dr. David Marion poses v Ace, a great Pyrenees dog that starred together a puppy in the movie "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups." Ace is currently 16 months old, weighs 125 pounds and also is still growing.