The author of an ext than 300 children’s publications on spending a lifetime with a solitary character, the procedure necessary to produce three publications a year, and talking come kids about death.

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It’s easy to overlook writer of children’s books. Their work-related isn’t so much meant to be critiqued through adults: it’s over there to fill the spaces in ours kids’ brains through words and images and ideas and also lessons, then be forgotten for years until those youngsters grow up and need stories to tell their own families. It’s a one filled through dinosaurs and wizards and princesses wearing document bags in books that have been ripped, drooled on, consumed, and abused.

Mercer Mayer has actually been filling the circle since the publication of his an initial book, A Boy, A Dog and also a Frog in 1967. In 1975 he released a book called Just for You about a hedgehog-looking son who is collection on helping his mommy with her chores. The book was a surprise hit, and also Mayer’s publisher asked because that more. Mayer is now 71 and also has drawn and also written end 300 books during his career, the bulk of which feature the exact same furry boy called small Critter. His latest book, Just A distinct Thanksgiving, was released in September.

I spoke through Mayer over the phone call about little Critter, his career, and mortality. He laugh a lot and also seemed to joy in mirroring on a life invested writing because that children. I also asked him about the grasshopper and also the spider, i m sorry will just make feeling if you’ve read as many of his books as i have.


You’ve functioned on this character for fourty years. Is the strange come hear somebody else to speak that?

Mercer Mayer: Well, it just doesn’t do sense because the last forty years seems like around ten. Together I’ve gotten older time has actually gotten very faster. So fourty years, the like, eh, so what? friend do change when you age, it’s really funny: your mind changes, your outlook changes, whatever changes.

How so?

You concerned the realization, hopefully, that this is a terminal situation and you have actually no idea when, but you have actually to acquire behind the in stimulate to go along and also see what’s happening in the world. So things you’ve done for many years, it doesn’t seem like many years, at least to me—it simply seems prefer a period of time I’ve done this. This is what i do. I create crazy story about small Critter and also draw them. Yet outside that that ns don’t obtain wowed through the assumed of forty years gone by.

Is it comforting in a way to have actually that? So lot can take place in forty years—that deserve to be a lifetime. However you’ve additionally had this strange small character that you’ve been illustration that whole time that’s to be a constant in your life.

Well, sure, it’s paid the rent, sent children to college, every sorts the stuff. Very comforting.

Do you ever get boring by the character?

Yes and no. I have this process I go v all the time, it never ever stops: once I start a little Critter book, composing one, ns feel choose I’ll never write one more one again. I can never possibly write one more one, there’s just nothing left to write about. And also then as soon as I complete drawing and all that, it gets coloured and comes up, that looks an extremely nice. Then, “Oh mine god, I need to come up v another, since on my contract it says I i agreeed to execute that.” therefore I enter a funny state of preventing all work-related on little Critter because that a month or so.

What bring you earlier to it?

I don’t acquire so far away the I have to come back. However I have to let it go due to the fact that these story are really weird. Girlfriend think around all the things you can write about and think, “Oh, i’ve written about that and I’ve written around that.” and also then girlfriend think that one topic you haven’t composed about—of course, the one topic you i can not use written around doesn’t seem possible to compose about. However that’s simply your psychic going through the typical crap the your mind goes through. You save messing v the idea and also you keep playing with the idea, that’s every you gotta do. Friend gotta save messing v it and playing with it. At some point I begin messing with things again and playing with things again, and before you know it out comes a book. Wow! Damn! Look at that. Castle come really quick. Once they come, lock come an extremely quick.

Is over there anything you haven’t done? I check out in an previously interview that you’ve never identified how to write around death. I have a four-year-old kid who is questioning me about death and I honestly don’t have any type of idea exactly how to have actually that conversation with him yet, and also I to be thinking around you and also how challenging it have to be as soon as you’re thinking around ideas exactly how to interpret them for her audience, i m sorry is children.

It’s a two-pronged thing here. Ns think it’s difficult to create a book around death that would be very, an extremely helpful. The problem is this is a marketing issue. Part parents, for example, they don’t think in anything. Other parents space born-again Christians. Others space Muslims. Others space Jewish. In my house, ns am the Buddhist. There space all different takes top top this subject of death, exactly how do you technique a tiny Critter? It has to be done through his dad or mommy or the two of them—they’ve acquired to involved some kind of conclusion around what fatality is, and also you can not really execute that once you have so countless views ~ above what fatality is. It’s no really possible, since you’re going to offend fifty percent of them and the other fifty percent will most likely applaud you.

How much of your suffer as a parental weighs into the story that you pick?

Oh lord, lots. Ns wrote small Critter prior to I had children, the an initial Little Critter publication in <1975>, and my very first child came in 1981. So there to be a the majority of time. Ns was usually writing around my own childhood, or my very own fears or my very own confusion together a child. Then as time goes by, that childish perspective is other you check out in your very own children, and also it’s exciting to view the logic going behind it because it’s, well, it’s an extremely logical come them all the time. Or it’s an extremely weird and also they can’t number it out, yet they just keep going.

You simply released a book around Thanksgiving, and also I was surprised you’d never ever done a Thanksgiving book before. Did the idea come from you or did someone ask you?

Well, actually, we had done a book, Just therefore Thankful, a share Thanksgiving book, due to the fact that they didn’t want to tackle Thanksgiving, i beg your pardon would mean that after Thanksgiving the publication would just die. That publication did very, really well, because that some factor after a couple years the publishers gained together and said, “We want a Thanksgiving book.” Why? Thanksgiving has end up being a large national holiday. So Thanksgiving is practically as huge as Christmas.

How much do girlfriend work? how much execute you have actually to develop per year?

About three books per year top top average.

How long does it take you from ide to finished product on her end?

It takes around four months. Whether it or not, ns don’t know. So lot of writing and illustrating her own publication is a give and take you’re having with the universe: “That no work, universe, provide me other better.” “Actually, possibly don’t work-related that day, it’s simply not coming.” climate you think, “Oh, ns going to work this through,” and you work like a adversary for two or three days. That all about how it’s advancing as one entity—it’s demanding things of you, and you say, “Okay, I’ll execute it,” or, “No, ns can’t deal with that ideal now, it’s too confusing.” At least that’s because that me. But I’ve been an extremely disciplined my whole life working. I have actually a tendency to work 5 days a week. No all day, not throughout the work necessarily, however four hours, 5 hours, occasionally six hours.

Okay, so, i don’t desire to violation you. I am going come ask this inquiry though. I’m simply going to put it out there. You 71.


Yeah! No kidding. Yes no factor for you to store working. Why room you?

Well, it counts on why you’re functioning in the very first place. I mean, technically, I could retire. Yet then I would certainly get very bored and also write a book. Placed it this way: ns am usually retired and also I to be somehow now writing three publications a year.

Do you know exactly how to no work? After all this time space you capable of not drawing or no writing?

I don’t know. I haven’t unable to do that lengthy without act it. To be I qualified of act it? i’m a Buddhist and I exercise all kinds of meditation, for this reason I’m very much energetic in learning just how to execute nothing. For this reason I exercise a most doing nothing.

Does your Buddhism inform these books at all?

No, not really. Buddhism came out the my reflect on life ~ a variety of years and also the publications just sort of wandered along by themselves.

What about the character? friend do other books and also you do various other things, however this character, why go it occupational for you together a storyteller?

It began a long time ago—I attracted this funny tiny dummy that this small hedgehog-type guy, he no have any kind of clothes at the time, and it was called Just for You. about this tiny guy that was make the efforts to carry out all this wonderful points for his mother and making a mess as he goes. The publication did phenomenally fine for gold Books and they wanted one more one. Climate they asked for a couple books—makes sense to do one after the next—and over there you have it. It just creates like that.

So you’re actually coming up on 50 years due to the fact that your very first book, A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog was published. In between that book and small Critter, were you do the efforts to discover something that would certainly stick?

No, no, I simply did points that concerned me. Liza Lou and also The Yeller belly Swamp was one of my first books, prefer the frog books, and I take it it right into the publisher once I walk my very first book—this is back in the days as soon as you might do this kind of stuff—I walked right into the publisher the Dial Books and also said I’ve excellent this dummy like you’ve argued I do, yet I can not think of any type of words. And also she sat down and also looked at it and said, “Oh wow, no words. Stop publish it the method it is.” you always, as a writer or an artist, you constantly hope your work-related will sell, since it validates you when you do it.

I never was thinking of a good character, i was simply thinking of good books. And also when i did this tiny guy, this fake called Just for You, the publisher i took it come looked at it and said, “Oh Mercer, you don’t really want to publish an additional dumb tiny animal publication do you?” i said, “Well, i haven’t released an animal book, first of all. I’d like to publish this damn tiny animal book.” but then i said, “You don’t need this,” took it out of her hands and also went to gold Books. They assumed it to be great—they love tiny dumb animal books.

But more than anything, small Critter is a have fun of small kids do the efforts to obtain socialized in the world. It is what it’s all around when you little, and also all the things you need to deal with. Every one of this subject issue is simply things the arise in a children life, one method or another, and also how you settle them or what you find out around them. Yet they’re not very turgid or in the dramatic feeling of shedding your pet dog—it’s just an experience, and also the method a boy would have actually that experience.

Before we move on, I want to quick ask you, and also I feel like this is a question just someone who has actually read your books a lot could ask you, however where go the idea come from for you to include the grasshopper and the spider? finding those small characters hidden away in your images always felt prefer a treat.

Because ns can’t stop. A picture tells a story a small differently indigenous the words. It’s not something ns think about—I carry out it. I don’t literally interpret every word and also leave whatever blank. The a visual experience of the words, and many different intuitive experiences that those words, however mine is every little thing goes ~ above with small Critter. And also then these, for part reason, the grasshopper come along an initial and climate the spider, and they just wander in and also out of the page and nobody ever before refers to them at all. They’re just there. It started off as a funny thing, and also then after around ten publications people , “Where’s the spider?” ns dropped the grasshopper because he to be such a an overwhelming little guy to draw in all these different poses. So i thought, “I desire to have actually a computer mouse or a frog.” ns tried all these things; the spider always stayed. And also now I’ve worked out on the spider and also a mouse since they’re simply a funny combination. And they just wander around. It is all.

Is that something youngsters notice?

Oh yeah, kids an alert that sort of stuff immediately. Kids an alert all sorts of strange things. If i forget to have a switch coloured on tiny Critter’s overalls, I might get mail saying, “Little Critter has actually no button on.”

Liza Lou is a book I prospered up with, but I nothing think I understood that you did it till I became a parent and also I went ago to it, due to the fact that it is so completely different indigenous your various other works. In the years before small Critter, exactly how much of the time between A Boy, a Dog and a Frog and tiny Critter to be you still trying to decision what kind of artist you’d choose to be? exactly how much breakthrough was continue at that point?

I fell into these books. I come to brand-new York through a bunch the paintings, an extremely Salvador Dali-ish, strange and also graphic and gory things that got a most attention ~ above Madison Avenue. As soon as I lugged my paints in they witnessed them, lock all, not all however a good number of good galleries, said, “Do you desire me to work-related towards a show?” for this reason I set off to repaint for this show, and the sad reality of it is I found out after ~ doing about four or 5 of these points that the only reason ns did them was for shock value, and also I had nothing whatsoever come say. The was simply shock value and also I was worn down of act it, therefore I simply stopped painting. It was stupid. I saw an old friend after a year or so, a friend of mine mother’s who had been doing children books. She says, “Oh come by, see what i’m doing.” therefore I discussed to she studio and also she’d to be doing all these paints of cute little girls in little dresses and little dolls and small animals having actually tea. Her surname was Martha Alexander and also she was quite well known at the time. Ns said, “Oh, I have the right to do that, that’s something I’ve always wanted come do.” once I was in high school in Hawaii I want to perform children’s books, but the teacher said, “We’re walk to invest one mainly on children books because you can not make any type of money act them.” i said, “Oh god, it is terrible.” So ns forgot around it. offered me the name of editors and also publishers she knew and also told me a an excellent song and dance to acquire in there. I said, “Hi, ns Mercer Mayer, I’m just in indigenous Hawaii, and also Martha Alexander claims I should give you a quick call.” they all saw me appropriate away.

I wanted to asking you about your writing. You have actually such a clean voice, and also it’s other I uncovered in among your faster books, which I have actually as The Bravest Knight but which was very first published as Terrible Troll. Yes sir so much of it that I deserve to see later went into little Critter, and also one the the primary things is you’ve gained a clear cadence in your lines, virtually to the point where i feel choose I can’t read it any other means to mine son. It’s always lists of things that the character is doing: “I shined his shoes,” “I cleaned the horse,” “I choose a hat.” are you aware of it as soon as you create that way?

I’m aware of every these ideas in order to obtain them into a book that used to be 32 pages, now 24, whatever. To obtain an idea without loads of words, saying virtually nothing … a novel, children aren’t going come respond to that. They desire to watch something happening and progressing. “I did this and I go this and also I did this.” since that’s what kids do. “I execute this and I perform this.” So everything the topic is, you have actually to gain into it and think of every the points you would perform if you ended up being the squire to the bravest items or if you live a hundred thousand years back or whatever. Did you do it just got to think around all the things you’d have to have—you’d have to have a hat through a big fluffy feather, you work for a knight and travel roughly making bad guys do an excellent things. It’s not so much cadence together it is listening come things and a means of listing what you would certainly do. And you need to make the exciting due to the fact that I’m no teaching anybody anything, I’m just trying to gain them into reading and enjoying the book.

Do you watch an finish to this at some point?

Yeah, I’ll it is in dead. I will certainly be dead. So don’t worry about it, you’ll sign up with me.

Well, i don’t think I’ll join you, yet you space right, we space going the way.

Well, girlfriend know, you’re walking there.

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But yes sir no factor for you come quit. You’re simply going to save going as long as you can?

I don’t yes, really think around it that much. Ns really don’t. I never ever felt favor I’m really going come work. Sometimes my goofing off seems like work and also it’s like, “Oh crap, I’ve obtained to complete this in two weeks, since I’m behind so much and behind the ball.” however I nothing envision an end like i don’t envision a beginning. We’re all below now and it’s just what we do. Be below now.