I wikipedia'd the symbol however the explanations weren't really clear. Ns think I looked for the dorn symbol additionally because I understand there is additionally the really huge U symbol the is appropriate side up of the letter U. Not sure if both these icons relate in any type of way. It referred to something about a "union?"

If anyone also seen a youtube video with who explaining this and also many various other math symbols that would certainly be really helpful.

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The prize ∩ is supplied to denote an intersection in between two sets. What this method in general is, for any two set A and B, A∩B is the unique values the A that are likewise present in B. So, among the conditions for the manipulation of features that is described in your textbook is the x∈D(f)∩D(g). That means that the duty operations the are explained only exist for the values of x the are found in both f(x) and g(x), but not only among the two.

Example, let's speak f(x)=sqrt(x) and g(x)=sqrt(1-x). The domain the g(x) D(x) is x∈(-infinity,1), and the domain that f(x) D(x) is x∈(0, infinity). Then, D(f)∩D(g) is characterized by x∈(0,1), since f(x) and also g(x) only both exist for values of x between 0 and 1

Some of her brackets need to be squared (sqrt(x) is identified on <0, inf), not (0, inf)), but I tho really favor your explanation.

Here is a video on unions and intersections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En8fI2ixepo

∩ means intersection and can be thought of as words and

U means union and can be assumed of as the word or

Let's say you have actually two sets:

A = 1,2,3,4

B = 3,4,7,8


A ∩ B = 3,4

A U B = 1,2,3,4,7,8

So based off of your example (haven't watched the video clip yet), A U B has both sets while A upside under U B means the numbers/points wherein A and also B intersect?

For any two to adjust A and also B,

A ∩ B = x∈A and also x∈B and also A U B = x.

These room the meanings of set intersection and collection union respetively. Keep in mind the inclusive use of the word "or" in mathematics, where an facet may it is in in both sets simultaneously.

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