Salt (noun, “Salt”)

Yes, salt is the decision we use to season ours food. However in chemistry, salt is a term provided to define a link made by involvement a positively charged acid v a negatively charged base. Table salt is the compound salt chloride. It’s written of a positive charged salt atom and a negatively charged chloride atom.

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There are many other salts in the world, though. Copper sulfate, because that instance, is also a salt. It’s do of one copper atom, one sulfur atom and also four oxygen atoms. It’s often discovered in chemistry set but also is offered to kill fungi and weeds. Cobalt nitrate is a red salt the is used in the ready of part dyes and inks. It’s obtained one cobalt atom, two nitrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms. And lead diacetate, found in part hair colorings, is a salt that can cause lead poisoning. 

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Sodium chloride salt usually develops tidy cubes — unless diamonds and lasers gain involved.

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atomThe an easy unit of a chemical element. Atoms are comprised of a thick nucleus that consists of positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. The nucleus is orbited through a cloud that negatively charged electrons.

base(in chemistry) A chemical that produces hydroxide ion (OH-) in a solution. Basic solutions are additionally referred to together alkaline. (in genetics) A shortened variation of the hatchet nucleobase. This bases are structure blocks of DNA and RNA molecules.

chemistryThe field of science that faces the composition, structure and also properties the substances and how castle interact. Scientists use this understanding to study unfamiliar substances, come reproduce big quantities of beneficial substances or come design and also create brand-new and advantageous substances. (about compounds) Chemistry also is offered as a ax to describe the recipe of a compound, the way it’s developed or some of its properties. World who job-related in this ar are known as chemists.

compound(often provided as a synonym because that chemical) A link is a substance created when two or much more chemical facets unite (bond) in solved proportions. For example, water is a link made of two hydrogen atoms bonded come one oxygen atom. Its chemical symbol is H2O.

copperA metallic chemical facet in the same family members as silver and gold. Since it is a an excellent conductor that electricity, that is widely provided in electronic devices.

crystal(adj. Crystalline) A hard consisting that a symmetrical, ordered, three-dimensional setup of atom or molecules. It’s the arranged structure take away by most minerals. Apatite, for example, develops six-sided crystals. The mineral crystals that make up rock room usually too small to be seen through the unaided eye.

diamondOne that the hardest known substances and also rarest gems on Earth. Diamonds type deep within the planet when carbon is compressed under incredibly strong pressure.

laserA device that generates an intense beam of systematic light that a single color. Lasers are offered in drilling and also cutting, alignment and guidance, in data storage and in surgery.

leadA toxic heavy metal (abbreviated together Pb) that in the body moves to where calcium desires to walk (such as bones and teeth). The steel is specifically toxic come the brain. In a child’s emerging brain, it have the right to permanently impair IQ, also at reasonably low levels.

nitrateAn ion formed by the mix of a nitrogen atom tied to three oxygen atoms. The ax is also used as a basic name for any kind of of assorted related compounds created by the mix of together atoms.

nitrogenA colorless, odorless and nonreactive gaseous aspect that forms about 78 percent the Earth's atmosphere. Its scientific symbol is N. Nitrogen is exit in the type of nitrogen oxides as fossil fuels burn.

oxygenA gas that makes up around 21 percent of Earth's atmosphere. Every animals and also many microorganisms require oxygen come fuel their expansion (and metabolism).

saltA compound made by combining an acid v a base (in a reaction that likewise creates water). The ocean consists of many different salts — collectively called “sea salt.” typical table salt is a make of sodium and also chlorine.

sodiumA soft, silvery metallic facet that will communicate explosively when included to water. That is likewise a basic building block of table salt (a molecule the which consists of one atom of sodium and also one atom the chlorine: NaCl). The is additionally found in sea salt.

sulfateA household of chemical compounds the are concerned sulfuric mountain (H 2 so 4 ). Sulfates happen naturally in drink water.

sulfurA chemical aspect with one atomic number of sixteen. Sulfur, among the most common elements in the universe, is critical element for life. Since sulfur and its compounds deserve to store a lot of energy, the is existing in fertilizers and also many industrial chemicals.

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weed(in botany) A plant growing wild in, around — and also sometimes smothering end — valued plants, such as crops or landscape types (including lawn grasses, flowers and also shrubs). Frequently a tree becomes such a botanical bully once it enters a new environment with no herbal predators or managing conditions, together as tough frosts. (in biology, generally) any type of organism might be referred to as a “weed” if that enters one environment and also begins come overwhelm the local ecosystem.