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There space two scales because that measuring temperature. One is called the Fahrenheit scale, and also it isused mostly in the united States. Theother is dubbed the Celsius scale and is offered in most other countries. The unit of temperature is dubbed a degree. For this reason we have two units: degrees Celsius(written together C) and also degrees Fahrenheit (written together F).

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (1686-1736) to be a Germanphysicist. He made decision as 0 levels (0°F)the temperature of freeze of a mixture that ice, salt, and water. He dubbed 32 degrees (32°F) the temperatureat which pure distilled water freezes. He additionally thought that the 3rd point on his scale, the normaltemperature the the human body, is 96°F. (He was wrong. The normaltemperature of the human body is approximately 98.6°F.)

At sea level, pure water boils at 212°F. So the difference between the temperature ofboiling water and also the temperature of freeze water is 180 degreesFahrenheit. Water boils at a lowertemperature in the mountains, because the temperature of boil water dependson waiting pressure, i m sorry is reduced at higher altitudes.

Anders Celsius (1701-1744) to be a sweden astronomer. He made decision as the 0 the his range (0°C) thetemperature of freeze water, and also as 100 levels (100°C) the temperature ofboiling water at sea level. Thedifference between the temperature of boil water and also the temperature offreezing water is 100 levels Celsius. Amixture the ice, salt and also water freezes in ~ a temperature of -17.(7)°C.("Minus seventeen allude repeated seven" i beg your pardon is -17.77777.... Andwhich can additionally be written as -160/9.)


Because a distinction in temperature that 100°C is the very same as180°F (the distinction in the temperatures of boil water and freezing water), 1°C is 1.8°F. We additionally write that as

1°C = 1.8°F,

and read it: "A difference in temperature of onedegree >Celsius is the exact same as adifference that one point eight levels Fahrenheit." (We uncover this relation by separating 180 by100.). Yet 1.8 = 9/5. So we may also say: 1°C is 9/5°F, or 1°C = 9/5°F. (We should remember that the = sign, usedhere, means the same difference of temperature. That course, the numbers 1 and also 9/5 room not equal!)

By similar reasoning we find that 1°F = 0.(5)°C or, usingcommon fractions, 1°F = 5/9°C. (0.(5) have to be review "zero pointrepeated five," and it means0.555555555... .) also we know that thesame temperature was named 0°C and 32°F. We compose it 0°C = 32°F, and also read it: "A temperature of zero degreesCelsius is the same as a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit." Similarly, 0°F = 160/9°C.

Let"s discover out what 23°C is ~ above the Fahrenheit scale.

23°C is 23°C over 0°C. But 23°C = 23*1.8°F and also 0°C = 32°F.So 23°C is 23*1.8°F above 32°F.


Answer: A temperatureof 23 degrees Celsius is the same as a temperature that 74.4 levels Fahrenheit.

We can see that this method always works, therefore we may write ageneral formula. Let"s call c the numberof levels Celsius, and also f the number of degrees Fahrenheit (for the sametemperature). So

f= c*1.8 + 32,

or if friend prefer common fractions,

f= c*9/5 + 32.

In order to get a formula i beg your pardon computes c when f is given,we perform not must repeat every our reasoning. A small algebra is enough.

f = c*9/5 + 32, so

f-32 = c*9/5, so

(f-32)*5/9 = c.

Example. Thetemperature is 15°F. How many degreesCelsius?

<15><-><32><*><5><9><=> display:-9.4444444

Answer: -9.4°C.

Project: Graphiccomparison of the 2 scales.

Draw two parallel vertical lines (close together) on a sheetof paper. Write above the left lineCelsius and over the ideal line Fahrenheit. Mark 0 and also 100 top top the Celsius line precisely 10 cm apart (so 1°C willcorrespond come 1 mm). On the 2nd linewrite (at the same height) the corresponding temperatures in degreesFahrenheit, 32 and also 212. Next, put othervalues properly on the scale (use the ruler, and measure carefully).

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Note the a 10°F difference shows top top your range as 1.8 cm.(1 cm and also 8 mm).

What temperature is the same on both scales?

(Answer -40°F = -40°C.)

Find an out thermometer which has both Fahrenheit andCelsius scales. Look because that -40°C, -40°F, 0°C and also 0°F. (On part thermometers, thescale is no straight yet circular.) execute you know exactly how thermometers work?