Did you recognize 71 is a element number? when we find the square root of 71, we can see the it cannot it is in simplified any type of further as it has only two factors 1 and the number itself(71). Hence, square source of 71 is simplified and written as 71. In this lesson, you will certainly learn about square root of 71 by long division method along with solved examples.

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Let us see what the square root of 71 is.

Square source of 71:√71 = 8.426Square the 71: 712 = 5,041
1.What Is the Square source of 71?
2.Is Square source of 71 rational or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 71?
4.FAQs on Square source of 71

What Is the Square root of 71?

The square root of 71 is the number the gets multiplied to itself to offer the product as 71. 

Is the Square source of 71 Rational or Irrational?

A reasonable number can be expressed as a ratio of two integers, p/q such that q is not equal to 0. As we know, 71 can not be brokeninto 2 such determinants which on squaring provide 71. It deserve to be approximately written as a square of 8.426 and it is a non-recurring and non-terminating decimal number. Hence, 71 isn"t a perfect square and also the square source of 71 is an irrational number.

Tips and also Tricks:

71 is a prime number which provides it a non-perfect square number too. Together we know, square root of any number "n," which is no a perfect square, will constantly be an irrational number. Thus square source of 71 is an irrational number.

How to find the Square source of 71?

Let united state learn various ways of representing square root of 71. 

Simplified Radical form of Square source of 71Square root of 71 through Long division Method

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Simplified Radical form of Square root of 71

The simplified radical form of square source of 71 is 71. Together 71 is a prime number and it has only two factors. Hence, it can be only damaged into two factors 71 = 71 × 1. Hence, we cannot simplify it any further. Let us now try finding the square root of 71 by the long department method.

Square root of 71 by Long division Method

Let us understand the process of detect square source of 71 by lengthy division.

Step 1: Pair the number of 71 starting with a number at one"s place and put a horizontal bar to indicate pairing.Step 2: Now we find a number i m sorry on multiplication with itself gives a product of less than or same to 71. Together we know 8 × 8 = 64 Step 3: Now, we have to lug down 7 and main point the quotient through 2. This give united state 16. Hence, 16 is the beginning digit that the new divisor.Step 4: 4 is placed at one"s ar of new divisor because when 164 is multiplied by 4 we acquire 656. The acquired answer currently is 44 and we lug down 00.Step 5: The quotient now becomes 84 and it is multiply by 2. This gives 168, which climate would become the starting digit the the new divisor.Step 6: 2 is put at one"s place of new divisor due to the fact that on multiply 1682 by 2 we obtain 3364. The price now obtained is 1036 and we lug 00 down.Step 7: now the quotient is 842 when multiplied by 2 offers 1684, which will certainly be the beginning digit of the new divisor.Step 8: 6 is inserted at one"s ar of the divisor since on multiply 16846 by 6 we will gain 101076. The answer derived is 2526 and we lug 00 down.Step 9: currently the quotient is 8426 when multiply by 2 gives 16852, which will certainly be the beginning digit the the brand-new divisor.


We deserve to estimate the worth of square source of 71 to as many places as forced using the same actions as debated above.

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Explore square roots making use of illustrations and interactive examples

Important Notes:

The square source is the inverse procedure of squaring.The square source of 71 is expressed as √71 or (71)1/2.We can discover the square source of 71 by utilizing the radical form and the long division method.