The square source of 240 is expressed as √240 in the radical type and together (240)½ or (240)0.5 in the exponent form. The square root of 240 rounded as much as 5 decimal areas is 15.49193. That is the hopeful solution that the equation x2 = 240. We have the right to express the square source of 240 in its lowest radical form as 4 √15.

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Square root of 240: 15.491933384829668Square source of 240 in exponential form: (240)½ or (240)0.5Square source of 240 in radical form: √240 or 4 √15
1.What Is the Square source of 240?
2.Is Square source of 240 reasonable or Irrational?
3.Tips and also Tricks
4.How to find the Square source of 240?
5.FAQs on Square root of 240
6.Challenging Questions

What Is the Square root of 240?

The square source of 240 is the worth which on multiplication with itself provides the final product as 240.

Is the Square root of 240 reasonable or Irrational?

We cannot find a whole number which on squaring gives 240. That is around written as a square that 15.4919, i beg your pardon is a non-recurring and non-terminating decimal number. This mirrors that 240 is not a perfect square and proves the the square root of 240 is an irrational number.

Tips and also Tricks:

Square root of any type of non-perfect square number is constantly an irrational number. Hence, the square source of 240 is an irrational number. 

How to discover the Square root of 240?

The square source of 240 deserve to be discovered using the long division method. The streamlined radical form of the square source of 240 is offered below.

Simplified Radical form of Square source of 240

240 deserve to be composed as a product that 3 and 80. That is given as:

240 = (3 × 80) = ( 24 × 3 × 5) = 415 

15 is not a perfect square. Hence, it stays within the source sign. However, 16 deserve to be displayed as 24. Thus, the simplified radical kind of the square source of 240 is 415.

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Square root of 240 by Long department Method

The square source of 240 can be discovered using the long division method. These are the measures to it is in followed: 

Step 1: starting from the right, we will certainly pair up the number by putting a bar over them.Step 2: Find a number such that as soon as you multiply it v itself, the product is much less than or equal to 240. Maintaining the divisor together 25, we acquire the quotient together 15 and the remainder as 140-125 = 15. Step 3: dual the divisor and enter it with a blank on the right. Climate assume the largest digit to replace the blank. This will end up being the new digit in the quotient. Now, as soon as the new divisor will certainly be multiplied to the new quotient, the last product will certainly be lesser 보다 or same to our dividend. Finally, divide and write the remainder. Guess the largest possible digit to to fill the blank which will likewise become the new digit in the quotient, such that as soon as the brand-new divisor is multiply to the new quotient the product is less than or same to the dividend. Divide and also write the remainder. Repeat this procedure to obtain the decimal places you want. 


Thus, √240 = 15.491

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Challenging Questions:

Find the square root of 240 making use of the long department method approximately 8 decimal places.How deserve to you express the square root of 960 in terms of square source of 240?