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codyrobbins top top Feb 22, 2010 | parental | paper definition | favorite | on: speed Carbon Footprint that NYTimes.com
The plural of radius is radiuses, and the plural of Prius is Priuses. Ns am so exhausted of comment where people make up ‘funny’ pseudo-Latinate plurals.

follow to every thesaurus I have the right to find<1>, radii is at least as accepted as radiuses. As for Prius, due to the fact that it is a consisted of word the plural is essentially whatever the accepted English intake turns out to be. According to Toyota<2> noþeles customers desire to usage is fine, yet online the general agreement seems to be that Prius is the plural form as well.I to be so tired of comment where civilization assert their details view as true there is no doing any research, specifically when trying come correct who else.<1> see http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Radius, for examples.<2> native http://www.greenhybrid.com/wiki/index.php/Interview_with_Ed_... , an interview through a manager in ~ Toyota.

You do not do it assume ns don’t recognize what ns talking around just due to the fact that I no take the moment to include references in mine comment. I have a graduate level in linguistics and also one of my concentration is word formation. While that true that radii is certainly a plural type of radius, it’s no really the generally embraced plural anymore. (At least, not where I live in America, and also at least in talked language. I’m not sure around Britain.) Neither space indices, data, corpora, etc. Very technical world like hackers and also engineers proceed to usage the fossilized plurals, since these develops are component of the prestige language that indicates to other human being that you have been educated and also can remember to use non-standard plurals. Yet normal human being do not use these forms—they simply use the conventional English pluralization rules since there is no reason not to. The poster who pointed out the relative thickness of each term in Google’s indexes (sorry, couldn’t resist) would have to somehow normalize the number to account for the reality that technical world are disproportionately an ext likely to be making use of these noun in the very first place, and also so a simple tally doesn’t show the real snapshot if we’re talking around how the language is supplied ‘in general’.I don’t have actually the publication with me so ns can’t discover the specific reference, however if you’re important interested over there is whole chapter in ‘An advent to modern English word Formation’ by Valerie Adams the talks about how this plural forms emerged in English. They to be basically comprised by scientists and philosophers throughout the Middle ages who felt that any English word through a latinate or Greek root must use the equivalent root language’s many form, since Latin and Greek were more ‘pure’ languages. (No doubt this attitude contributed to the fact that they ongoing writing in Latin in general for a thousand year after Rome to be no more.) these forms became fossilized in English due to the fact that the world using them were educated and also therefore component of what was thought about a reputation class. That is, utilizing them makes you sound smart, and also that’s why they’ve persisted. Through my very own judgment, though, they absolutely sound more out of location to regular English speakers today than the corresponding standard English plural. (I last check out this publication six years ago, so this an overview is indigenous memory—the details might be contempt different yet I’m pretty particular that is the general gist the it.)The reason this irks me in basic is due to the fact that we speak English, no Latin. Unless you speak Latin you more than likely don’t know just how to correctly form Latin plurals, which follow a relatively complex scheme depending on the course of noun, its grammatical case, person, and also number. See http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/000814.h... Because that a discussion. Japanese doesn’t have a plural form—does that median we have to say in English things like, ‘Hiroki is holding 3 kimono in his arms’? The just reason it sounds remotely agree is due to the fact that you analyze kimono together a mass noun the doesn’t have actually a plural type (like rice), however physically speak kimonos aren’t choose rice in that they room actually countable. The sentence ‘Hiroki is holding 3 kimonos in his arms’ sounds much better.Modern English has a very simple pluralization rule. There are three allophones of the many morpheme: the unvoiced allophone –s is suffixed to words ending with one unvoiced monosi (t, p, k, f, etc.); the voiced allophone –z is added to words ending with a voiced monosi (d, b, g, m, every vowels, etc.); and the allophone –əz is added to words ending with a phoneme that is comparable in articulation functions to s and also z (s, z, sh, ch, j, etc.). There room exceptions to this rule that show extreme resistance to degradation (such as children and teeth), however in basic the exceptions are slowly being replaced by the conventional plural in typical speech. If someone stated ‘Look at all those oxes over there,’ most people wouldn’t blink one eye.Finally, ns wasn’t make the efforts to exactly the OP. My suggest was merely that the jokes where you comprise a funny non-standard plural room lame. As pointed out in the excerpt from the Jargon document that someone post above, hackers (and railroad enthusiasts, among others) have actually been make these very same jokes because that decades. A sport over and over again for fifty year of the very same old joke about a funny fake plural—enough already, ya know? Of food I’m mindful that everyone’s feeling of humor is different, so ns can’t tell someone something no funny due to the fact that it’s a spatu assessment. Therefore I’m simply pointing the end that this jokes aren’t funny come me, because the world making them could not realize how overplayed and also unfunny they are to a most people.And please don’t gain me started on made-up cool names for teams of animals…EDIT: See additionally http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_plural#Irregular_plural... For more discussion.

"Neither are indices, data, corpora"Seriously? just a rapid Google argues otherwise:36,900,000 because that indices vs 29,200,000 for indexes1,440,000,000 because that data vs 11,900,000 because that datums (Heck, many world aren"t acquainted with "datum" to begin with...)7,710,000 for corpora vs 239,000 for corpusesLinguistics college student or not, execute you have actually anything much more than "people you talk to usage these inexplicable forms" come base all this on?

I just went to good length explaining what my insurance claims are based on. Do you have anything to say various other than one exclamation the incredulity? I already explained that an anecdotal comparison of Google access time wouldn’t be an extremely meaningful.I just asked 4 non-engineer, non-technical, non-mathemetician girlfriend the complying with fill-in-the-blank question: ‘The radius of a one is the distance from the center to the edge. If there space two circles, there room correspondingly 2 ______.’ Three stated radiuses. One claimed radii, however they pronounced that ‘ray-di-eye’. I asked a similar question through corpus and all 4 said corpuses.There is additionally probably at the very least some effect due to age here. I"m in my late twenties and my society circle is as well. If you"re two decades older than me, whereby your language is is twenty years behind mine.And sorry, data to be a stupid example, it doesn"t really have anything to perform with what ns was talk about. Data is already the plural type and ns banged it out since nobody really supplies datum as the singular. Yet data seems choose a fixed noun since the way it’s commonly used you nothing really have a solitary ‘data’. We use a counter, as in item of data in the same means we say grain of rice.

"I just went to great length explaining what my insurance claims are based on"Which to win me together a most unconvincing verbiage to assistance an absurd claim."I simply asked 4 non-engineer, non-technical, non-mathemetician friends"And you have actually a difficulty with Google hits?I really have actually no an ext time for this.
Did you even click the links I provided from BBC, Cambridge University, Collins dictionary, Oxford dictionary, showing that the plural is generally Radii?And yes, it"s pronounce ray-di-eye.
for what it"s worth, as an American—living in the South, even—with English together my very first language, I have actually literally never heard words "radiuses" used (outside, perhaps, some musings around the plural of words "radius").Although my initial reaction was also "look, someone"s making another lame Latin many joke," I conveniently saw the it wasn"t together inapplicable many other occurrences.
Further, note the prevalence of specific kinds of nonstandard many forms. Some of these go ago quite a ways; the TMRC Dictionary consists of an entrance which implies that the many of `mouse" is meeces, and also notes that the defined plural that `caboose" is `cabeese". This latter has apparently been traditional (or at the very least a conventional joke) among railfans (railroad enthusiasts) for numerous years ~ above a likewise Anglo-Saxon note, virtually anything ending in `x" may kind plurals in `-xen" (see VAXen and boxen in the main text). Even words ending in phonetic /k/ alone are occasionally treated this way; e.g., `soxen" because that a bunch the socks. Various other funny plurals room the Hebrew-style `frobbotzim" for the plural of `frobbozz" (see frobnitz) and `Unices" and `Twenices" (rather than `Unixes" and `Twenexes"; see Unix, TWENEX in key text). However note that `Twenexen" was never ever used, and `Unixen" was not sighted in the wild till the year 2000, thirty year after it might logically have actually come right into use; it has been suggested that this is because `-ix" and `-ex" room Latin singular endings that tempt a latinate plural. Among Perl hackers the is reported the `comma" and `semicolon" pluralize as `commata" and `semicola" respectively. Finally, it has actually been said to general approval the the many of `mongoose" should be `polygoose". The sample here, as with other hackish grammar quirks, is generalization of an inflectional preeminence that in English is either an import or a fossil (such together the Hebrew plural finishing `-im", or the Anglo-Saxon plural suffix `-en") to cases where it isn"t normally considered to apply. This is not `poor grammar", together hackers are typically quite well aware of what they space doing as soon as they distort the language. It is grammatical creativity, a type of playfulness. That is done no to impress however to amuse, and never at the price of clarity.- Jargon file
indigenous a pair of searches."The radius the a circle is the street from the centre of the circle to its edge. The radius of a consistent polygon is the distance from the center of the polygon to any one that its vertices. The plural of radius is radii."From maths.org, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.http://thesaurus.maths.org/mmkb/entry.html?action=entryByCon...From the BBC,http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/tutors/lessonplans/spelling/...From the Oxford dictionary,http://www.askoxford.com:80/concise_oed/radii?view=ukFrom the Chambers dictionary,http://www.chambersharrap.co.uk/chambers/features/chref/chre...I"m certain both are usually accepted. Geniuses, Genii, Radiuses, Radii.Bear in psychic I"m talking around English, not American-English which might be different. I"m definitely not just making this stuff up though ;)

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"Radiuses" is a real, yet less-common and also less-accepted plural for radius. A rapid search and also check of recommendations will check that."1 - 10 of about 92,000 for radiuses.""Results 1 - 10 of around 5,700,000 because that radii ."