Many language learners take into consideration English a complicated language to master, because it division its very own rules therefore often. Spelling and pronunciation are seldom consistent, and also if the weren’t enough, even verb conjugation has so many exceptions that us have an entire category for verbs the don’t monitor the rules: rarely often, rarely verbs.

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Lend, because that instance, is an rarely often rare verb. While most verbs come to be past tense by acquisition on the –ed suffix, prefer watch and watched or hunt and hunted, lend is conjugated right into the past tense by an altering the D to a T, creating lent.

Is there ever a time to use lended? What is the previous tense of lend?

Continue analysis to discover more.

What is the Difference between Lended and also Lent?

In this post, I will certainly compare lent vs. lended. Ns will outline the correct conjugation and also use it in instance sentences, for this reason you deserve to see exactly how it should appear in your writing.

I will also show girlfriend a trick come remember even if it is lent or lended is the correct word. These tricks are referred to as mnemonic devices.

When to use Lent

What does lent mean? Lent is the past tense the lend, which way to give someone money or items with the expectation that it be offered back.

Lend is an rarely often, rarely verb, so its link is not constantly intuitive.

Conjugations that Lend:

I/we lend: very first person singular presentYou lend: second person singular and also plural presentHe/she/it lends: 3rd person singular presentThey lend: 3rd person many presentLending: present participleLent: an easy past

Here are some sentences that encompass lent in its appropriate context,

Carol knew that her sisters would never pay back the money she lent her, however she preserved doing the anyway.Kenny and the neighbors lent each various other tools so frequently that that became an overwhelming to psychic which tools belonged to whom.

When to usage Lended

What does lended mean? Lended is an untrue conjugation that the verb lent. That is rarely discovered in any type of print source, edited or not.

The chart listed below shows the relative intake of lended vs. lent since 1800:


As you deserve to see, regardless of the gradual decline of lent, lended has not increased to replace it. In fact, lended is so infrequently used, the it approximated zero.

Bryan Garner, in his publication Garner’s contemporary American Usage, estimates the ration in between lended and lent to it is in 1,557:1.

In other words, you should never usage lended.

Trick come Remember the Difference

There is only one exactly conjugation of the verb lend, so that isn’t difficult to choose in between these two words.

Bent is an additional past tense kind of an rarely often rare verb. Bent and lent rhyme, for this reason as long as you have the right to remember the rhyme, girlfriend shouldn’t have actually trouble mental to usage lent as the previous tense the the verb lend.


Is the lended or lent? Lend is one English verb that gets conjugated in an rarely often, rarely was.

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Lent is the correct conjugation the lend.Lended is an not correct conjugation that lend.