That bespectacled male with a bag protector is not your average accountant. That carves out a mystery life as a killing maker for the mob. He’s also autistic and also is may be to calculation numbers in his head, Rain Man–style. The guy is deadly … and brilliant!

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Ben Affleck and also Anna Kendrick in ‘The Accountant.’ chuck Zlotnick

It’s difficult to recall the last straightforward Hollywood thriller that was this ridiculous. (Strike that. The Girl ~ above the Train was released a main ago.) yet hold the audit: This film ever-so-slightly succeeds since it has the smarts come bask in its very own ridiculousness. After ~ all, in one scene, two characters being chased through shadowy figures take a time out to dispute the merits of expensive hotel towels.

A grasp of video game movie stars aid make it all walk down fairly smoothly. A wildly miscast Ben Affleck stars together Christian Wolff. That’s not his actual name. He’s a socially uncomfortable savant traumatized through his ultradisciplined upbringing. As an adult, he has difficulty making eye contact and speaks haltingly in monotone sentences even though he’s a multimillionaire gunslinger. In various other words, he’s a personality that just exists in the movies. (Here’s hoping Affleck composed off his exhilaration fee as a charitable deduction.)


Ben Affleck in ‘The Accountant.’ chuck Zlotnick

Christian has his own Illinois-based business, called ZZZ Accounting, which serves together a prior for every the work-related he go for miscellaneous shady organizations. He gets paid in the form of rarely comic books and also original Jackson Pollock paintings, which space stashed in a cell phone trailer. Through the Treasury room crime department honcho (J.K. Simmons) ~ above his tail, Christian take away on a legit client: a robotics company that specializes in cutting edge prosthetics. A clerk called Dana (Anna Kendrick) has noticed a discrepancy in the publications to the tune of $61 million, and Christian is rental to number out those going on.

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While that furiously scribbles mathematics on glass walls to decipher the problem (shades of great Will Hunting!), it would be valuable if who did the same for the audience. As soon as Christian catches the mistake and excitedly explains the difficulty to Dana by pointing out patterns in the phony calculations, only human being that when passed a CPA test will know and/or care. If that.

Christian additionally uncovers some sort of huge dirty-money conspiracy within the ranks, prompting the poor guys to pursue him and also Dana. Just how fortunate the our hero also happens to be an professional marksman and also Daddy once compelled him to take it hard-core martial arts classes! many thanks to these superspecial skills, the two room able to go on the run and elude catch — that is, after that drop-kicks a couple of goons in her bathroom.


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Anna Kendrick and also Ben Affleck in ‘The Accountant.’ lining Zlotnick

Don’t waste one precious brain cell trying come make feeling of a jumbled plot that spins off in six directions. No, really. Let’s counting the ways: 1. Affleck has a complicated relationship through his parents. 2. Affleck has actually an even more complex relationship v his brother. 3. Simmons discover a personal backstory with Affleck. 4. The head that the robotics firm has evil motives. 5. Affleck develops cultivation feelings because that Kendrick. 6. Affleck confides in a secret British mrs voice that assists him by speaking into a phone, a narrative maker that hasn’t been utilized because David Hasselhoff talked come KITT in article Rider.

The editing and enhancing is so tangential the late in the movie, a weary Simmons plops under on a couch, complains to a colleague about how exhausted he is and also then proceeds come tie up all the plot object via one long, flashback-heavy monologue.

An Oscar contender this is not. Affleck and Kendrick have already moved ~ above to much more prestige tasks — in fact, Affleck’s next film, Live by Night, which that stars in and also directs, will certainly be released before the year is out. So for now, just enjoy the 2 awkwardly bantering about the cost of her Vera Wang prom dress and his problem with a poster the depicts dogs playing poker. (“Dogs would never ever bet top top things.”) Guffaw as this nerdy man assassinates a villain and then solemnly waves to an elderly woman and her husband in your car. Applaud every time an exasperated characters cries out, “He’s just an accountant!” Hey, at least nobody deserve to say this flick is by the numbers.