A fairyland where everything is less facility and simple.This world of fairy is just complete of the beautiful environment and also fairy characters.Usually kids and younger teens like this type of content.But don’t acquire surprised if you find an adult person watching together content due to the fact that many the them prefer this form of movie and series.When us think about some of the ideal fairy collection and characters then many of lock are created under the Disney franchise.The Disney franchise is known for producing such impressive computer-animated films.In this article, we are going to talk about one such exceptional movie series named Tinkerbell.Actually, over there are various movies in the series so we tell friend the ideal order of Tinkerbell movies to watch.So if friend are also a fan of this series or just want to give it a shot then you have the right to read this article till the end.

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Tinkerbell movies in Order1. Tinkerbell2. Tinker Bell and the lost Treasure (2009)3. Tinker Bell and the great Fairy Rescue (2010)4. Mystery of the wing (2012)5. The Pirate Fairy (2014)6. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014)Other movie In order Articles:- FAQsQ.1 will certainly there it is in a 7th Tinkerbell movie?Q.2 In what order have to I watch the Tinkerbell movies?Q.3 room the Tinkerbell movies before Peter Pan?Q.4 room Tinkerbell and also Terence dating?Q.5 go Tinkerbell die?Final Words

Tinkerbell movies in Order

So much Disney has created a full of 6 movies in the Tinkerbell series.The very first movie to be released in the year 2008 whereas the latest one was released in the year 2014.Apart from the movies, lock have also produced a TV show under this series.But in this article, us will just talk around the movies.So let’s have a look at the perform of Tinkerbell movie in Order.

1. Tinkerbell

IMDB Rating:- 6.8/10Release Date:- 11 September 2008This is the an initial movie to begin with watching the Tinkerbell series.It was released in the year 2008 and also was directed by Bradley Raymond.This movie was written by Jeffrey M. Howard, Bradley Raymond, and also J.M. Barrie.Tinkerbell is the top animated personality of the movie and also American voice actress Mae Whitman offered her voice come this beautiful character.The story that the movie is very interesting and also has an extremely useful teachings because that the viewer.So the movie starts through the bear of Tinker Bell, she was born indigenous the very first laugh the a baby.Winds carry her come the Pixie hollow (a part of the island of never Land).After getting to the island she finds that she is an extremely talented in tinkering (an arts to make and fix things).With other tinker fairies, she learns this craft and also gets to know around the one-of-a-kind fairies who visit the mainland to bring each season.Tinker Bell gets really excited after ~ hearing it together she also wants to perform the same.From here she start trying various things to sign up with those unique fairies.And let me tell friend that result will surely surprised you.

2. Tinker Bell and also the lost Treasure (2009)

IMDB Rating:- 6.7/10Release Date:- 25 October 2009“Tinker Bell and also the shed Treasure” is the second movie of this series.This movie was released in the year 2009. This time the movie to be directed by Klay Hall.The movie was jointly composed by Evan Spiliotopoulos and Klay Hall.In this part, the story continues as the nature-talent fairies have gone to the mainland to bring the autumn season there.Whereas Tinker Bell and dust talented fairies favor Terence space staying back in the Pixie Hollow.While Tinker Bell is liven with job-related she is referred to as to satisfy with Queen Clarion, Fairy Mary, and also Redleaf, the Minister the Autumn.They present Tinker Bell the mystical Moonstone and briefs her about its powers.In Pixie Hollow, there is a blue harvest moon.When this Moonstone is maintained in former of the light of this moon and the irradiate passes v it climate it create blue pixie dust.This dust strengthens and also rejuvenates the Pixie Dust Tree.Tinker Bell is assigned to do a new scepter because that this moonstone.But while functioning on the scepter Tinker Bell accidentally division the moonstone right into the fragments.Now that is very interesting come see exactly how Tinker Bell will deal with this huge blunder.

3. Tinker Bell and also the an excellent Fairy Rescue (2010)

IMDB Rating:- 6.9/10Release Date:- 23 July 2010“Tinker Bell and also the an excellent Fairy Rescue” movie was released in the year 2010.It to be directed by Bradley Raymond.In this part of the Tinkerbell collection Fairies visit the flowering meadows of England.On this visit, Tinker Bell also goes with other fairies but gets stuck within a person house.This residence belongs to a sweet tiny girl.This little girl trust in fairies and also their fairyland.When other fairies concerned know about this they begin speculating about it.TinkerBell’s friend think that the human beings have caught her.Now the is really interesting to witness the daring rescue mission launched by other fairies to lug Tinkerbell back.The whole movie will be complete of surprises for you and also I don’t want to spoil it by going right into details.

4. An enig of the wing (2012)

IMDB Rating:- 7.1/10Release Date:- 16 respectable 2012This is the 4th movie on the “Tinkerbell movies in Order” list.This was released in the year 2012 and was directed by Roberts Gannaway and Peggy Holmes.The plot that this movie is Tinkerbell’s visit, Winter Woods (an area whereby there are constantly winters).Warm-weather fairies like Tinkerbell space not enabled to visit this area.In this area, Tinker Bell met her pair sister named Periwinkle.Now both the them need to save Pixie Tree native the freeze.On the mission of saving Pixie Tree Tinker Bell and also Periwinkle discovers an amazing an enig regarding their wings.

5. The Pirate Fairy (2014)

IMDB Rating:- 6.6/10Release Date:- 13 February 2014“The Pirate Fairy” is the second-last movie top top this list.This movie to be directed through Peggy Holmes and was released in the year 2014.In this component of the series, Zarina a misknew fairy steals contact the important Blue Pixie Dust native Pixie Hollow.She bring away this dust and also joins the pressure of Skull Rock.Now Tinker Bell and her friend need to race versus time to acquire that important dust back.But all of sudden Tinker Bell finds out that she and her friend’s talents have actually interchanged.Now it is really interesting to watch if castle can obtain the dust back on time or not.

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6. Tinker Bell and the Legend the the NeverBeast (2014)

IMDB Rating:- 7.2/10Release Date:- 12 December 2014This is the critical movie exit under this series.This movie was additionally released in the year 2014 and it was directed by Steve Loter.An pet fairy called Fawn became friends with a giant and also mysterious creature called NeverBeast.Fawn desires to introduce her new friend come the other fairies including the queen.But the upstream Scout Fairies room out to catch this large creature together they think that it can be a risk to Pixie Hollow.Now it is very interesting to clock the movie as the story proceeded.

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