What language is spoken in Fiji?

Tright here are 3 official languages in Fiji: English, Fijian and also Hindi (a variety much different from what is spoken in India). Native Fijians speak in Fijian as their first language, Indo-Fijians soptimal Hindi as their initially language, and both teams speak English as a second language.

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While many of its Pacific family members, such as Hawaiian and Māori, have been struggling for survival, Fijian has never remained in major danger of extinction, even though it was ignored for a long time in institutions. The vast majority of Fijians have actually always supplied it as their day-to-day language, and the majority of Indians understand also at leastern some. In rural neighborhoods favor Levuka, Taveuni and also Savusavu, the Indians all sheight Fijian fluently.

Fijian Bau

The typical Fijian language is made up of many type of various dialects throughout the islands. With the official language based upon Bau Fijian. It is estimated that 54% of the population is fluent in Fijian (a first or second language). An Austronesian language, Fijian is spoken by the native residents of Fiji. The first inhabitants arrived 3500 years back from either Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands.


The major language in Fiji is English, being the main language of service, government, education and learning mechanism and also daily conversation. Fiji was claimed a British colony in 1874 (acquired self-reliance in 1970), the influence of British influence has actually remained. Fijians take on English and also the positive impact it has on tourism. Just as the common language helps travellers interact their inquiries and pertains to, English provides Fijians the possibility to ask concerns and have actually conversations through tourists.

Fiji Hindi

The British brought Indian laborers to Fiji in the time of the early american rule of Britain in India and Fiji. Soon, these laborers began settling dvery own in Fiji, and also the language they spoke became recognized as Fijian Hindustani or Fijian Baat. The Indians came from miscellaneous parts of India and also spoke a number of dialects of Hindi. Roughly 37% of world living in Fiji stop Hindi. However, words from Fijian and also English have end up being part of the Hindi dialect here in Fiji to create a variant of the standard Hindi you would hear in New Delhi and various other parts of India.

Other widespread languperiods spoken in Fiji

Rotuman – spoken by the human being living on the Fijian island group of Rotuma, it is not a language but its own sepaprice language.Gujarati & Punjabi – spoken by Indian immigrants.Cantonese and also Mandarin – spoken by Chinese immigrants.Tongan – spoken by Tongan immigrants and Fijians of Tongan descent.

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Fijian Language Pronunciation

Fijian words have various vowel sounds to exactly how you check out words in English. On height of that, tbelow are a couple of distinctions worth pointing out between exactly how to pronounce letters in Fijian compared to English. For example:

“D” has actually an uncreated “n” in front of it, so Nadi is pronounced “Nandi or the tasty marinated seafood dish dubbed kokoda, is pronounced kokonda”.• “G” has actually an unwritten “n” in front, so “Sigatoka” pronounced “Singatoka”.• “C” is pronounced “th”, so the “Mamanucas” is pronounced “Mamanuthas”.• “B” has an unwritten “m” in front for some words, so Toberua is pronounced “Tomberua”.


Basic Phrases in Fijian

Hello – bulaYes – ioNo – segaPlease – yalo vinaka, madaThank you – vinakaThank you exceptionally much – vinaka vakalevuGood morning – (ni sa) yadraExcuse me – tulouI’m sorry – lomanaGoodbye – (ni sa) moceToilet – vale lailai


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