Despite popular misconceptions, the Puerto Rican flag to be not based on the United proclaimed flag. The architecture of The Flag of the republic of Puerto Rico shows the near ties the bound the Cuban and also Puerto Rico patriots in the 19th century because that the flag i beg your pardon waves end the funding of mountain Juan is the Cuban flag shade reversed.

The Puerto Rican flag"s history run deep through pro-independence sentiments native Spanish dominion, and later unified States dominance - a price of pride, defiance, and protest.

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In bespeak to know the flag"s past, we must go ago to the 19th century once the very first major rebellion in 1868, recognized as El Grito de Lares (Cry that Lares) ocurred. Irritable by the absence of political and also economic freedom, and also enraged by the continuing repression on the island, Puerto Rico"s pro-independence motion staged an armed rebellion in 1868.

The rebellion damaged out top top September 23, 1868. It to be planned by a team led by Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances and also Segundo Ruiz Belvis, from your exile in the Dominican Republic. Betances authored several proclamas, or statements, attacking the exploitation of the Puerto Ricans through the Spanish early american system and called for prompt insurrection. The revolts began in Lares, and spread the end to san Sebastian, however soon after the insurgents encountered a strong resistance from the Puerto Rican militia and also retreated ago to Lares. Upon an order native the governor, Julian Pavia, the militia soon rounded castle up, and the insurrection was over. Numerous of the neighborhood leaders and also participants to be arrested, and also some to be executed. Those who made it through their prison terms were later released and some got in exile, especially in new York City.

Although the rebellion failed to attain its main objective, the Spanish federal government granted more political autonomy come the island.

Twenty-four years later, in 1892 the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee was established in new York, a political group affiliated come the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which advocated independence because that Puerto Rico and Cuba indigenous Spanish rule.

Dr. Jose Julio Henna was appointed President, follow me Juan de Mata Terreforte, evil president; Manuel Besosa and also Sotero Figueroa, vowels; Gumersindo Rivas, secretary of minute (later changed by Roberto H Todd) and also Gerardo Forrest, secretary of correspondence.

As part of your activities, a flag was developed to rally assistance for freedom from Spain. The flag was an initial used on December 22, 1895, as soon as a group of 59 Puerto Ricans led by Dr. Jose Julio Henna, gathered at "Chimney corner Hall" in Manhattan, new York City to promote the best of Puerto Rican freedom from Spain. Various other members of consisted of participants that El Grito de Lares: Ramon Emiterio Betances, Juan Ruiz Rivera, Juan de Mata Terreforte and also Aurelio mender Martinez. The flag was soon embraced as a nationwide symbol.

On march 24, 1897, the Puerto Rican flag was used in the Intentona de Yauco (the test Coup that Yauco), the 2nd and final major revolt against Spanish early american rule in Puerto Rico, staged by the island"s pro-independence activity in the second half of the nineteenth century.

In 1898, the flag likewise became the note of resistance to the united state invasion; and in the 1930s it was embraced by the nationalist Party. Blanca Canales proclaimed the Republic that Puerto Rico in Jayuya in 1950 making use of this flag and also Lolita Lebrón deployed it during the attack on congress in 1954. Shortly after the Cuban transformation (1953-1958) us officials in the island came to be suspicious of those who displayed the flag, considering them subversives. Police supplied to arrest everyone displaying the flag on fees of insubordination against the united States.

It was not till July 25, 1952, once Puerto Rico became a republic that the flag to be officially embraced as the nationwide flag.

Meaning the The Flag


The Puerto Rican flag is composed of 5 alternative red and also white stripes. ~ above the left the the flag is a single white five-pointed star relaxing in a blue triangle.

The 3 red stripes symbolizes the blood native the brave warriors, the 2 white stripes victory and also peace after obtaining independence, blue symbolizes the sky and also sea and also the white star is the island.

In 1952 when Puerto Rico came to be a commonwealth, the flag to be officially adopted, yet it symbolism was changed to distance the flag from its history, along the blue, that was adjusted to a darker tone to make it similar to the American flag.

The symbolism is defined thus. The white star means the commonwealth of Puerto Rico while the 3 sides ofthe equilateral triangle together represent the 3 branches that the Republican federal government (executive, legislative and judicial branches). The threered strips represent the blood that feeds those components of the government. The 2 white stripes symbolizing the rights of man and the liberty ofthe individual, room a perpetual reminder of the require for vigilance of ademocratic government is to be preserved.

The flag is no flown except in company of the U.S. Flag. That should always stay to the left of the U.S. Flag and both are to be flown at the exact same height.The Puerto Rican flag must be increased after the united States" flag is risen and also put down prior to the united States" flag.

In 1995 the triangle shade was readjusted again to skies blue.

Flag the the unified States


The flag that the United states of America, often referred to together the American flag or U.S. Flag, is the national flag the the joined States. It is composed of thirteen same horizontal stripes the red (top and also bottom) alternative with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to especially as the "union") bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine counter horizontal rows, wherein rows of six stars (top and also bottom) alternating with rows of 5 stars. The 50 stars on the flag stand for the 50 states of the United says of America, and the 13 stripes stand for the thirteen British swarms that asserted independence indigenous the Kingdom of an excellent Britain, and also became the very first states in the U.S.

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The current architecture of the U.S. Flag is the 27th; the architecture of the flag has actually been modification officially 26 times because 1777.

Origin of The Flag

The identification of the flag"s creator has actually long been source of controversy.

Juan de Mata Terreforte attributes the origin of the flag come Francisco Gonzalez (Pachin) Marin, that wrote to him from Jamaica saying the idea of inverting the colour of the Cuban flag.

Another version states that Antonio Velez Alvarado argues that on June 11, 1890 or 1891, that reversed the color of the Cuban flag and also so it occurred to that to type the Puerto Rican flag. Antonio Velez Alvarado also states the the Puerto Rican flag was embroidered by Maria Manuela "Mima" Besosa, as narrated by Roberto H. Todd, founder that the Puerto Rico Republican Party.

The other version, Roberto H. Todd insurance claims that it to be Manuel Besosa, a member the the plank of directors of the Puerto Rico Section, who decided the flag of Puerto Rico.

Flag Day

Flag work is celebrated on December 22. It commemorates when the flag was an initial raised. On December 22, 1895, a group of 59 Puerto Ricans, gathered in ~ "Chimney corner Hall" in Manhattan, brand-new York City to promote the best of Puerto Rican freedom from Spain. The city the Manati also celebrated Flag job on June 11, the date when the flag to be created.

Puerto Rico has actually maintained the same flag because that the last 124 years.

The Puerto Rico flag to be voted 7th best out the 71 flags ranked by the phibìc American Vexillological association in 2001.

Flag Specifications

The 3 key colors in the Puerto Rico flag room Red (#FF0000), White (#FFFFFF), and also Blue (#0066FF).The Puerto Rico flag broad is 1.5 times the height. Traditional flag size is 3 feet x 4.5 feet.