The exactly answer below is the choice B. Social- Darwinism is a term that encompasses numerous philosophies and also thinkers that usage the concept of evolution and also the natural choice concept and also apply it come the culture as a whole. The social-Darwinist debate in the united state revolved approximately the insurance claim that, unified States, as a dominant and also both culturally, military and also economically superior pressure was obliged come govern less progressed nations for this reason they too have the right to prosper as the United says did.

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B) nations that considered themselves premium felt obliged to govern less-advanced nations.


The Social-Darwinism concept is about the survive of the fittest, around most powerful species conquering the least powerful.

In the context of this question, it is about much more powerful nations taking manage of the less powerful.

So the correct answer is:

B) nations that taken into consideration themselves remarkable felt obliged come govern less-advanced nations.

in the united claims a public policy is an i agree upon means that our federal, state, or local federal government fulfills that responsibilities, such together protecting the legal rights of individuals and promoting the welfare of all the people. Part public plans are written right into laws by legislatures. Various other policies are included in rules and regulations produced by executive, management branches that government, the branches responsible for carrying out and enforcing laws.

the following are instances of publicly policies and the governmental agencies responsible for delivering them out.

school districts room responsible for making policies about student behavior and discipline. Teachers and school administrators enforce these policies. State legislatures room responsible for making legislations that ar speed boundaries on drivers. Police policemans enforce these laws. City federal governments often adopt policies the prohibit world from operating liquor stores near public schools. City inspectors and zoning departments enforce this policies.

when human being become aware of problems in their communities, they frequently want federal government to develop and also carry out policies to deal with those problems. These might be difficulties for which there are

existing plans or legislations that execute not work-related well,

existing policies or laws that room not gift enforced,

no plans or laws.

as a citizens of the united states you have actually a ideal to speak what friend think federal government should do around problems in your community. You likewise have a appropriate to to speak what girlfriend think around problems in her state, the nation, and around international problems. You have actually the best to try to affect the decisions world in your government make about all of those problems.

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to be able to participate effectively, however, citizens need to understand which level of government and which governmental agencies room responsible because that changing, enforcing, or emerging a certain public policy. Because that example, state legislatures may straight agencies come enact policies resulting from federal legislation. Or, local federal governments may produce policies in stimulate to carry out responsibilities assigned to them through legislations enacted in ~ the state or commonwealth level. Additionally, as part of the procedure of developing and also implementing policy, governmental agencies must recognize if the new policy problems with existing regulation or policy.

this project is intended to you learn just how to express your opinions, how to decision which level the government and also which company is most suitable for dealing with the problem you identify, and also how to affect policy decisions at that level that government. That calls because that you to occupational cooperatively with others in your course and, with the of her teacher and adult volunteers, to achieve the following tas