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before being maybe to calculation the tantamount mass, you must calculate the molar mass of potassium permanganate. Looking in ~ a regular table and rounding works fine.

K = 39 g/mol

Mn = 55 g/mol

O = 16 g/mol (multiply through 4 due to the fact that there room 4 oxygens)


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Before being able to calculate the identical mass, you should calculate the molar massive of potassium permanganate. Looking in ~ a routine table and rounding works fine.

K = 39 g/mol

Mn = 55 g/mol

O = 16 g/mol (multiply by 4 due to the fact that there room 4 oxygens)

39 + 55 + (16 x 4) = 158 g/mol

The molar massive of potassium permanganate is 158 g/mol. To uncover the indistinguishable mass, division that molar fixed by the mols of electrons taken in its fifty percent reaction. That would be five. 158/5 = 31.6 grams/equivalent.

The over is the most common half reaction utilizing potassium permanganate together an oxidizer in one acidic solution. It have the right to be used as an oxidizer in a basic solution too. This is no as common, and also it does productivity a various answer. This half reaction would use 3 electrons. 158/3 = 52.7 grams/equivalent.

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