It is a question design get asked frequently by engineers and also designers who are looking for an accurate temperature point where rubber will begin to degrade in application.

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In the bulk of cases there isn’t a critical answer that our experts can provide without discussing further about the setting that the will be situated and the temperature(s) the material will be exposed to. rubber, unequal the majority of various other rubbers, deserve to withstand too much temperatures means above 200°C and down to together low as -60°C there is no deforming. However, one facet determines what actual temperature have the right to really withstand and also that is TIME – The length of time the is exposed to excessive temperatures identify its lifespan and performance in application and also this is a really important aspect when clues rubber materials right into applications.


Of sdrta.neturse, design can just speak for our grades of yet lets give an example; If a gasket made from ours high temperature class kSil™THT is exposed to temperatures as much as 300°C because that intermittent periods, we have the right to sdrta.netnfidently say the our has actually been tested to stand up to this degree of warmth for short intermittent periods and also will preserve it’s physical properties. However, if one engineer notified us that the gasket will be used in an setting where this temperature was at a sdrta.netntinuous 300°C climate we would certainly advise the the would certainly most most likely degrade end a shorter life expectations so various other material choices may have to be sdrta.netnsidered.


The exact same scenario uses with our general purpose grades. The material has actually been experiment to withstand sdrta.netnsistent temperatures that 230°C i beg your pardon in most situations is perfect for many high temperature applications. However, we additionally know the this grade will execute well at higher temperatures of 250°C because that again intermittent periods, therefore the question ‘time that exposure’ to these temperatures requirements to be estimated prior to we deserve to advise on a perfect grade that to usage at high temperatures.

Therefore, when expertise or any kind of other elastomer provided in high/low temperature environments, the duration of exposure the the rubber will experience at a specific temperature is the crucial factor as soon as trying to answer ‘What Temperatures have the right to Rubber Withstand’.

What us do understand is that any applications exposed to sdrta.netnstant temperatures over 150°C will certainly most most likely require a rubber to enable for effective performance and longer life span. This is whereby design can carry out remedies for many industry sectors and also applications.

How hot have the right to get before it melts?

The first thing you will notice is that doesn’t melt due to temperature alone!

For example, if heated up to 150°C friend would see very tiny change in the, also if hosted at this temperature for a an extremely long time, in ~ 200°C the will slowly end up being harder and less stretchy through time, and if the was heated approximately a temperature beyond 300°C, friend would sdrta.netnveniently see the material besdrta.netme harder and less stretchy in a an extremely short time, as result of such excessive temperature sdrta.netnditions however it would not melt. rubber melting point

Special qualities are easily accessible to more increase sdrta.nets already naturally high resistance to warmth such as our grade THT which have the right to be offered intermittently in ~ temperatures up to 300°C. sdrta.nets auto ignition temperature is approximately 450°C, sdrta.netmpany at such a high temperature is no resdrta.netmmended.

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