Regular dodecagon
Symmetry groupDihedral (D12), stimulate 2×12
Internal angle (degrees)150°
Dual polygonSelf
PropertiesConvex, cyclic, equilateral, isogonal, isotoxal

What is the amount of all internal angles of a 12 Gon?


What is the sum of outer angles that a 12 face polygon?

The complete interior angle of a 12 face polygon is = (12 – 2) 180 degrees = 1800 degrees. The inner angle at every vertex of an continuous dodecagon is same to = = 150 degrees. If the exterior edge at a single vertex is = = 30 degrees. The total exterior edge of a 12 sided polygon is 360 degrees.

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How numerous sides the circle have?

If friend think the the circle together a disk climate it it has an up-side and also a down-side. If you think that it as a curve, climate it has actually an inside and an outside. If girlfriend think the it together the border of an n-sided regular polygon, climate one can justify the answer the the circle has infinitely numerous infinitesimal sides.

Do circles have actually infinite vertices?

A circle is approximated through a consistent polygon v an infinite number of vertices, which are not have to “corners” due to the fact that “corner” suggests a ideal angle.

Do circles have actually vertices?

For example, circles and ovals room made from a single edge v no corners. Due to the fact that there are no different edges intersecting, this shapes have actually no vertices. A semi-circle likewise has no vertices, because the intersections on the semi-circle are in between a bent line and also a directly line, instead of two right lines.

How numerous vertices circle have?


Do circles have actually sides and vertices?

E.g. A triangle has 3 right sides and 3 corners, whereas a circle has 1 curved side but no corners. Once we talk about the nature of these shapes we look at the variety of faces, the number of edges and the variety of corners each form has. One more word for corners is vertices.

How numerous vertices does a 2D circle have?

8 Vertices

How many sides and also vertices go a one have?

Answer. Answer: A circle has actually infinitely countless infinitesimal sides. Zero, if you great to stick with the elementary geometry definition of “side”, which is a non-infinitesimal heat segment v two finish points each of which develops a vertex.

What is the difference in between sides and vertices?

The two parts of a flat shape are its sides and its vertices. Sides space lines. Vertices space the points whereby the sides meet.

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What are the attributes of a circle?


A circle has actually no sides.A circle has no edges.A circle has no corners.A circle is round.

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