L>Unit 15 ar 2 : edge Properties that Polygonsanseq1 = brand-new Image();anseq1.src = "s2ea1.gif";anseq2 = new Image();anseq2.src = "s2ea2.gif";anseq3 = brand-new Image();anseq3.src = "s2ea3.gif";function showAnswer(q) document.src = eval("ans"+q+".src"); window.focus();check = new Image();check.src = "check78.gif";correct = brand-new Image();correct.src = "correct78.gif";wrong = brand-new Image();wrong.src = "wrong78.gif";tellme = new Image();tellme.src = "tellme61.gif";blank = new Image();blank.src = "blank61.gif";numq = 17; cc = 0; cw = 0; ag = 0; tm = 0;function Calculate(){inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resQ");inputbox.value = numq;inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resC");inputbox.value = cc;inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resW");inputbox.value = cw-ag-tm;inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resG");inputbox.value = tm;inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resL");inputbox.value = numq+ag-cc-cw;inputbox=eval("document.forms.resultform.elements.resP");extra = ((cc*100)%numq);if (extra Unit 15 ar 2 : edge Properties that PolygonsIn this section we calculate the dimension of the interior and exterior angle for different constant polygons.In a consistent polygon the sides space all the same length and also the inner angles space all the same size.The following diagram shows a consistent hexagon:Note that, because that any allude in a polygon, the inner angle and exterior angle are on a straight line and also therefore include up come 180°.This method that we have the right to work out the internal angle from the exterior angle and also vice versa:Interior edge = 180° – Exterior AngleExterior edge = 180° – inner AngleIf girlfriend follow approximately the perimeter the the polygon, turning at every exterior angle, you execute a finish turn the 360°.In every polygon, the exterior angles always include up to 360°Since the internal angles that a regular polygon room all the same size, the exterior angles must additionally be same to one another.To find the dimension of one exterior angle, we simply have to divide 360° through the number of sides in the polygon.In a consistent polygon, the dimension of every exterior angle = 360° ÷ variety of sidesIn this case, the size of the exterior edge of a constant hexagon is 60° since 360° ÷ 6 = 60° and the inner angle should be 120° since 180° – 60° = 120°This also means that us can find the variety of sides in a constant polygon if we recognize the exterior angle.In a regular polygon, the variety of sides = 360° ÷ size of the exterior angleWe have the right to use every the over facts to work out the answers to questions about the angles in continuous polygons.Example inquiry 1A continual octagon has actually eight same sides and also eight equal angles.(a) calculate the size of every exterior angle in the continual octagon.We do this by separating 360° by the number of sides, which is 8.The price is 360° ÷ 8 = 45°.(b) calculate the size of each inner angle in the continual octagon.We execute this by subtracting the size of every exterior angle, which is 45°, indigenous 180°.The price is 180° – 45° = 135°.Example question 2A continual polygon has equal exterior angle of 72°.(a) calculate the size of each interior angle in the regular polygon.We perform this by subtracting the exterior edge of 72° indigenous 180°.The answer is 180° – 72° = 108°.(b) calculation the number of sides in the continuous polygon.We perform this by splitting 360° by the size of one exterior angle, i beg your pardon is 72°.The price is 360° ÷ 72° = 5 sides.Practice QuestionWork the end the answers to this inquiry then click on the buttons marked to check out whether you are correct.The internal angles of a continuous polygon are all equal to 140°.(a) What is the dimension of every of the exterior angles in the continuous polygon?(b) How plenty of sides walk the polygon have?(c) What is the surname of the polygon? ExercisesWork out the answers come the inquiries below and fill in the boxes. Click on the switch to find out even if it is you have answered correctly. If girlfriend are appropriate then will appear and you should move on to the next question. If shows up then your answer is wrong. Clickon to clean your initial answer and have one more go. If you can"t work out the right answer then click to check out the answer.Question 1Calculate the dimension of the exterior angle of a consistent polygon i m sorry hasinterior angle of:(a) 150°° (b) 175°° (c) 162°° (d) 174°° question 2Calculate the size of the exterior and interior angle of:(a) a continuous decagonexterior = ° internal = ° (b) a continual pentagonexterior = ° internal = ° question 3A dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon.Calculate the dimension of the exterior angle of a consistent dodecagon.° question 4The exterior angle of a details regular polygon is 12°.How many sides does this polygon have? question 5Calculate the variety of sides the a constant polygon with internal angles of:(a) 150° sides (b) 175° political parties (c) 162° political parties (d) 171° sides question 6Each exterior edge of a constant polygon is 4°.(a) How countless sides does the polygon have? political parties (b) What is the dimension of each inner angle in the polygon?° (c) What is the total of all the interior angles included together?° You have actually now perfect Unit 15 section 2Your as whole score for this ar is correct AnswersYou reply questions effectively out of the concerns in this section.Incorrect AnswersThere were concerns where you used the call Me button.There were inquiries with wrong answers.There were concerns you didn"t attempt.function feedback(unit,section)tands = "Y8 Unit "+unit+" ar "+section;var fbwin = window.open("about:blank","fbwin","resizeable=no,height=400,width=600");fbwin.document.open();fbwin.document.write("Feedback top top "+tands+"");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("We appreciate any comments you have actually ");fbwin.document.write("about "+tands+". Us are specifically interested in mathematics errors or facets of the ");fbwin.document.write("page which might be confusing.");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("If you were happy that the unit worked correctly, you re welcome click the switch on the right. If girlfriend ");fbwin.document.write("found any problems or would choose to include any comments, please fill out the form below and also click ");fbwin.document.write("on the send button.");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("Section:");fbwin.document.write("Your name:");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("Your e-mail:");fbwin.document.write("Comments:");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.write("");fbwin.document.close();Since these pages space under development, we find any kind of feedback very valuable.

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