In this concern I asked around gravity and in the answer it came up that the size is equal (of the gravity acting on the Sun and also the of the gravity exhilaration on the Earth)

Does size simply median it"s strength?




A force is a normal vector and a vector is characterized by its size ( the norm, "lenght" in graphical depiction ) and also direction.

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In the instance of centripetal forces, choose gravity, force is constantly directed towards the center of fixed - it"s a radial force. We can therefore study many of its properties by calculating its strength.

In particular, v gravity that is common to use polar coordinates (e.g., in 2D, usage angle and radius instead of $x$ and $y$). This leader to a gravitational force which only has actually a radial component. In this specific case the size of the force vector is the exact same as the radial component, for this reason it"s really simple to calculate.

In the general case, the size is the length of the force vector calculation by the square root of the dot product the the vector by itself. In classical coordinates $(x,y)$

$|F| = sqrt(F_x^2 + F_y^2)$

where $F_x$ and $F_y$ are the $x$ and also $y$ components of the pressure vector $f F$.

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