In any discussion of port sizes and importance, the cargo volume handled annually is generally used as a main indicator of scale. The volume is generally expressed in twenty-foot identical units (or TEUs)—a unstable measurement arrived at by splitting the length of a shipping container, in feet, through 20.

For example, a traditional forty-foot container is 40 split by 20, and is, therefore, two TEU. As soon as calculating the throughput of larger ports annually, 1000 TEU is used. For example, Rotterdam’s TEU of 14,811 deserve to be interpreted as roughly 14.8 million twenty-foot containers per year.

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Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

14.8 million TEU

The world busiest port until the beforehand 21st century, The port of Rotterdam is tho the greatest port in Europe. It acts as an external EU border. This means freight clearing in Rotterdam have the right to travel openly to various other EU member states. This extremely innovative harbor has increased over current decades and offers accessibility to hybrid ships, and also has cursed to a goal of CO2 neutrality.

Rotterdam harbor Facts

First port of discharge from east AsiaEuropean external personalizeds borderOffers unrestricted accessibility to pearls with possible drafts of 24meters.Directly easily accessible from the north SeaHolds the greatest harbor in EuropeModern, forward-thinking management

Antwerp (Belgium)

11.8 million TEU

Of all the sea port of Europe, the harbor of Antwerp is the furthest inland. That geographical situation gives it specifically fast and also cheap accessibility to the europe hinterland. Always growing and also evolving, the port has actually doubled the quantity of freight invited or unloaded end the past two years to an ext than 235 million tonnes.

Antwerp port Facts

Inland location gives speed and ecological benefits over other portsEuropean external customs borderCan accommodate Mega ShipsExcellent storage, loading, and distribution facilitiesHouses Europe"s largest solitary container terminal, The MSC PSA european TerminalOutstanding rail and barge and road relationships to the europe hinterland

Hamburg (Germany)

9.25 million TEU

Established in 1189, the port of Hamburg is a global port. Its hi-tech framework mean it handles not just containers, however heavy and general cargos and other shipping projects. The Altenwerder container terminal (CTA) is unmatched in Europe as a modern logistical facility. It has actually benefited indigenous steady expansion in recent years as result of increased transshipment. Though no the largest port in Europe, it might be it"s many technically advanced.

Hamburg harbor Facts

Sophisticated warehousing and terminal infrastructureInland locationOutstanding transport web links to continental EuropeOver 2000 weekly train connections

Piraeus (Greece)

5.65 million TEU

Since coming under the ownership of the China ocean Shipping Group firm (COSCO) in 2009, the harbor of Piraeus has actually experienced stratospheric growth. Situated only ten kilometers far from Athens city center, it gives easy accessibility to the Northeastern part of the Mediterranean. The port also benefits native a unique geographical place at the crossroads the Europe, Asia, and also Africa. The is the fastest-growing port on the list, having raised its TEU by 15% in 2019.

Piraeus harbor Facts

The only east Mediterranean port through the facilities to accommodate transshipment cargoStrategically favorable ar within easy reach of Europe, Asia, and also AfricaFree Zone kind II status

Valencia (Spain)

5.44 million TEU

Located on the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast, Valenciaport is a crucial part the the Mediterranean Corridors’ contributions to the Trans-European move Network. Aided by its 2 satellite harbor - Sagunto and also Gandia - it serves a 350-kilometer economic zone responsible for over 50% the the country"s GDP. In 2018 it collection out to plan to open a new terminal it is provided by automation and also providing access to larger ships.

Valencia harbor Facts

Provides a gateway to southerly Europe and also Spain’s significant cities by rail and also highwaySpain’s largest container portDeep-sea portThe port has installed “Scale Times”, a transparent tracking tool to help shipping companies boost their competitiveness

Algeciras (Spain)

5.12 million TEU

Located in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, the port of Algeciras is a commercial, passenger, and also fishing port. As a hub for shipping present that link Asia, America, and Africa to Europe, it is just one of the fastest-growing ports in the optimal 10.

Algeciras port Facts

Direct accessibility to the Mediterranean SeaServices the East-West and also North-South maritime routes there is no diversionLess accessibility to hinterlands than various other ports, through a rail line to Madrid and highways, readily available as goods routesRecognized because that its high productivity

Bremen-Bremerhaven (Germany)

4.87 million TEU

Located at the mouth the the flow Weser, reduced Saxony, Bremen-Bremerhaven bring away its location on this perform due in component to its duty as the world busiest car transporting port. A collection of eight interconnected ports, this multiport is a an essential transporter that breakbulk and high-value goods and machinery. Throughput has decreased over recent years, with four North Atlantic transshipment services relocating to Hamburg.

Bremen-Bremerhaven harbor Facts

Breakbulk specializationHandles about 2.75m transshipments annuallyThroughput has decreased over current years due to transshipment declineDeeper draughts not accommodated

Felixstowe (United Kingdom)

3.77 million TEU

The harbor of Felixstowe, situated in Suffolk, is the UK’s busiest port — audit for almost fifty percent its containerized trade. Giving 17 global shipping routes, it’s recognized for to work excellence and also low carbon emissions programs. V the UK exiting the europe Union, the port deals with future challenges. An ext customs red tape and also a absence of complimentary movement might make this harbor a less favorable alternative for some imports.

Felixstowe port Facts

Direct train come the UK’s midlandsDeep seas allow accessibility for the biggest container vesselsMinimum deviation forced from main shipping routesBrexit will certainly strip UK products of the complimentary trade covenant with the EU

Barcelona (Spain)

3,32 million TEU

The port of Barcelona, in Catalonia, is over 2000 year old and is Spain’s third-biggest port. Over 100 shipping lines attach it with 200 harbor on five continents. After a period of decrease at the start of the century, current endeavors have seen the port improve. Specializing in general and also high-value cargo, its thirty items ports have diversified right into commercial, energy, and also logistics, with additional cruiser and also citizen areas.

Barcelona port facts

Imports serviced by devoted portsExcellent e-commerce technologyConvenient ar for shipping to the far EastInnovative port committed come expansion, a short carbon footprint, and also improved infrastructure

Le Havre (France)

2,78 million TEU

The harbor of Le Havre in northern France is situated encountering the English channel. It hosts three terminals that individually service Europe, the Americas, and also the Atlantic. In current years it has recovered indigenous a post-financial crisis decline to re-take its position as among the major seaports in Europe through raised specialization.

Le Havre port facts

Europe"s only ISO 28000 protection certified harbor hubCapacity come accommodate container pearls of 20,00024/7 accessibility for larger shipsOffers the finest transit times in between Europe and also the rest of the world

Why Port dimension Matters


If you have actually plans to ship commercial freight into or out of Europe, a small knowledge about the potential ocean gateways accessible to you can be helpful. The ports highlighted in this post are the biggest in Europe, therefore the chances are high that your freight will certainly pass v them.

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