Ammonium fluoride is a crystalline, noncombustible not natural compound stood for by the chemical formula NH4F or FH4N <1, 2>. It is a fluoride salt v ammonium together the counterion and is corrosive come cement, glass, and also most metals, consisting of aluminum <1, 2>.

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Ammonium Fluoride Identification

CAS Number12125-01-8 <1>
PubChem CID25516 <1>
ChemSpider ID23806 <3>
UN Number2505 <1>
UNII4QT928IM0A <1>
EC Number235-185-9 <1>
RTECS NumberBQ6300000 <1>


Ammonium Fluoride Formula

How is Ammonium Fluoride Prepared

It is synthesized by the addition of ammonia gas come cold hydrofluoric acid at a temperature of about 10 °C represented by the reaction <4>:

NH3 + HF → NH4F

It have the right to be prepared by making use of silicon tetrafluoride gas (SiF4) and also high purity ammonia (NH3) as reactants, i beg your pardon is provided in the complying with equations <4>:

3SiF4 + 2H2O → 2H2SiF6 + SiO2

H2SiF6 + 2NH3 → (NH4)2SiF6

(NH4)2SiF6 + 4NH3 + 2H2O → SiO2 + 6NH4F

Reactions with various other Compounds

Ammonium Fluoride and also Water

When NH4F reacts through water, the produces hydrofluoric acid and also ammonium hydroxide, as stood for by the adhering to equation <2>:

NH4F + H2O → NH4OH + HF

Calcium Nitrate and also Ammonium Fluoride

Ammonium fluoride reacts through calcium nitrate to form calcium fluoride, dinitrogen oxide, and water:

Ca(NO3)2 + 2NH4F → CaF2 + 2N2O + 4H2O

Ammonium Fluoride and Iodine

When ammonium fluoride and also iodine are supplied as reactants, they undergo a solitary displacement reaction to type ammonium iodide and fluorine:

NH4F + I2 → NH4I2 + F


Ammonium Fluoride Crystals

Properties and Characteristics the Ammonium Fluoride

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight37.037 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color and also AppearanceWhite or colorless crystalline powder <1>
Melting Point238 °C, 460.4 °F <1>
Boiling PointN/A
Density1.01 g cm-3, 1.32 in ~ 77 °F <1>
pHAqueous NH4F is acidic <1>
State of issue at room temperatureDry flour or fluid <1>
SolubilityInsoluble in fluid NH3, slightly soluble in alcohol <1>
Solubility in Water83.5 g/100 g in ~ 25 °C <1>
Magnetic Susceptibility (χ) -23.0 X 10-6 cm3/mol

Atomic Properties

Crystal StructureHexagonal wurtzite


Ammonium Fluoride Structure


For etching glass, polishing metal surfaces, extracting rare metals, and also disinfection and preservation in the impending industry <5>As masking agents, preservatives, and reagents for analysis <5>

Is that Safe

NH4F reasons acute toxicity when it is swallowed, inhaled, or comes in call with skin <1>. That is inhalation may an outcome in irritation of the respiratory tract and also ingestion of tiny quantities of soluble fluorides can additionally be deadly <1>. Its call with skin reasons burns, and exposure v eye call can irritate the mucous membrane <1>.


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