Key Difference: when the light falls on any kind of surface, a component of that light is sent back to the very same medium. This is known as reflection. Once the irradiate bounces earlier from its regular lane, the is termed as refraction.

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According to the, ‘Reflection’ is:

The act of mirroring or the state of being reflected.An image; representation; counterpart.A fixing of the think on something; cautious consideration.A thought occurring in consideration or meditation.An unfavorable comment or observation.

When the light drops on any kind of surface, a component of that light is sent earlier to the same medium. This is known as reflection. The edge of occurrence and also angle that reflection room the same in the instance of reflection. The irradiate beam that leaves the surface is referred to as the reflect ray. It merely deals with light and sound. The edge of incidence and angle the reflection space the same in the case of reflection. There are two varieties of reflection: Specular Reflection and also Diffuse Reflection.

Specular enjoy is the light the is reflected in the exact same angle. Whereas, in the diffuse reflection, the light reflected indigenous the rough surface is scattered in every direction. It does have the consistency, or that is no angled.

Law the reflection: θi = θr

According come the, ‘Refraction’ is

Physics - the change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in happen obliquely indigenous one tool into one more in which its tide velocity is different.OphthalmologyThe capability of the eye come refract light that enters that so together to kind an picture on the retina.The identify of the refractive problem of the eye.

The pictures that space observed through the glass or any other objects are known as refraction. Let’s take an example of refraction of light – as soon as visible light passes through a transparent product such as glass, air and water, that velocity alters according come the index of Refraction the the objects. In simple terms, the light changes direction, or ‘bends’ together it passes v the boundary in between the 2 mediums. The best method to differentiate in between reflection and refraction is that reflection is found in mirrors while lenses usage refraction. The edge of incidence and the angle of reflection are not the very same in refraction.

Lenses space the finest example because that Refraction. There are two species of lenses: Concave lenses and also Convex lenses. Convex lenses will create larger-than-life images and also concave lenses will create smaller-than-life images.

In short, as soon as light start a new medium in ~ an angle it will certainly bend because it is slowly down. The adjust in speed causes the ray to bend or readjust direction.

Refraction is characterized by Snell’s law, which says that the angle of incidenceθ1is related to the angle of refractionθ2by

sinѲ1 v1 n2

_____ = ___ = ____

sinѲ2 v2 n1

Comparison between Reflection and also Refraction:




Reflection is as soon as light falls on any type of surface, and also a component of the light is sent back to the exact same medium.

Refraction commonly deforms the image, relying on the angle in i beg your pardon the photo hits another plane or surface.


It only involves images

It may likewise involve sound waves other than images.


The angle of incidence and the edge of enjoy are comparable in reflection.

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The edge of incidence and also the edge of refraction space not similar in refraction.