Using windy transit to acquire to can be one affordable, sustainable, and more relaxing method to check out the area. There are several transportation choices for the visitor relying on windy transit. Friend can fully utilize public transit alternatives for comes to native any significant city in California, year round!

Winter Travel

If you are coming in winter, opportunities are the roads will be clear depending upon which highway you are traveling on. There 4 entrances come Tioga happen or Hwy 120E is generally closed October-May, every other entrances remain open. See our Road conditions page for more information on gateways come and winter travel.

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The Area regional Transportation system (YARTS) has actually been operation in the an ar since 2000 and has noted an alternative to driving to end one million riders during that time.

YARTS is safe, comfortable, economical and also convenient.

During the winter, YARTS is the easiest way to access the park follow me State Highway 140 from her hotel without having to worry around taking tire chains. In the summer, YARTS gives an alternative to wasting time trying to find parking. We recommend leave your auto at her hotel or among the many totally free and for sure parking too many in Mariposa or El Portal.

Your entrance fee is likewise included, therefore this transportation option is environment-friendly in more ways than one! Year-round the State Highway 140 route has actually connections to Amtrak and also Greyhound so girlfriend can conveniently travel to utilizing public transit from most significant cities in California. YARTS also runs follow me State Highway 41 in the summer months, therefore you deserve to hop ~ above the YARTS bus to from the global Airport (FAT) together well.

YARTS provides:

Regularly scheduled, fixed course public transit company into national Park native gateway communitiesYear round business on State Highway 140 from Merced to, through Mariposa CountySummer business from Mammoth Lakes and also other Mono ar destinationsSummer service from Sonora and also other Tuolumne county destinationSummer organization on State Highway 41 native Fresno to, consisting of connections to international Airport (FAT).

In, YARTS makes relations with the valley Shuttle and also Tuolumne grasslands (summer only) shuttles (both free).

State Highway 140 YARTS

Learn more at or call 1-877-989-2787.

For tourism from san Francisco or in ~ nationwide Park, please see our tours page. Valley cost-free Shuttle

<Note: as result of COVID-19, the cost-free shuttle buses in room not operation in 2020>

One that the best services to take benefit of throughout your pilgrimage to is the complimentary shuttle bus. Parking (especially in the liven summer months) can be complicated and it’s ideal to park her car and also take the spaceship where ever you must go roughly the sink Floor. Plan your route by viewing the shuttle map.

Best of all, the spaceship is free!


Amtrak trains have business all transparent California and can connect you come from most significant cities. Girlfriend can book your expedition to native the Amtrak website and also connect to the YARTS bus native the Amtrak station in Merced native both northern and also southern California destinations. The YARTS bus continues down State Highway 140 and has practically stops at number of hotels in Mariposa, Midpines, and El Portal, and stops in ~ valley lodging.

From mountain Francisco, eco-friendly transportation by AMTRAK train and YARTS bus deserve to be i ordered it by California Pacific Excursions if you have actually booked you own hotel rooms in Mariposa, El Portal or Valley.

Learn much more at California Pacific Excursions or speak to 1-415-228-9865

Closest Airports to

Private charter planes deserve to fly right into an airport just a few miles native downtown Mariposa in ~ the Mariposa / airplane (KMPI).

For commercial flights, the closest airports come valley are Merced regional Airport (MCE), Fresno worldwide Airport (FAT), or Mammoth Airport (MMH). Merced regional Airport is the closest to Valley and also has really affordable rates but it just caters come those flying to or native Los Angeles worldwide Airport (LAX) and also Oakland worldwide Airport (OAK). The Mammoth plane has accessibility to via the Tioga pass Entrance between June – October as soon as Tioga happen is open.


If flying into Merced regional Airport, you deserve to rent a auto or take the YARTS bus from Merced to the closestly lodging come in Mariposa, Midpines, El Portal and Valley along State Highway 140. You have the right to rent a car or take it the YARTS bus native Fresno come lodging in Fishcamp, Wawona and also Valley along State Highway 41.

Many travelers select to paris in in ~ SFO, mountain Jose, Oakland or Sacramento because of a greater selection of flight options and cheaper prices. Indigenous these north California airports it is around a 3.5 come 4 hour drive.

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From significant Bay Area airports, the the next driving path is follow me State Highway 140 and also the nearest lodging to the park is located in Mariposa, Midpines, and El Portal. From the bay Area girlfriend can fully take public transit, here is short article on just how to gain to indigenous BART.

Travel Time and also Valley Distances from significant Airports
MilesKilometersTravel Time (hrs)
Merced Regional Airport83 1331.59
Fresno global Airport941512.24
San Francisco worldwide Airport2003213.31
Los Angeles worldwide Airport300482 5.25

Distances to Town that Mariposa
MilesKilometersTravel Time (hrs)
El Portal3048.67 Valley3657.50
Buck Meadows46741.25
Fish Camp46741.25
San Francisco1662674
Los Angeles2924707
Las Vegas4677528
New York2817465647.15