AUGUSTA, Maine — Why is Augusta Maine’s funding city? It"s not one of the bigger cities or towns. In fact, much of the state may know Augusta mostly for the state capital and the civic Center, whereby it hold concerts and also basketball tournaments.

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But the story of just how it was favored for the capitol is one that tells a lot about how the young state developed.

Maine officially came to be a state on march 15, 1820, the statehood action passed by Congress and also signed by chairman James Monroe. However after Washington had acted and also statehood was a fact, Maine needed a state capital.

At first, it remained in Portland, in a reasonably small structure near the existing site the Portland City Hall.

“The largest city at the moment would be the first capital,” said chronicler Herb Adams of Portland, “but they additionally knew it couldn’t remain the capital."

Adams and Maine State historian Earle Shettleworth claimed those outsides of Portland assumed the new government required a more central location.

Shettleworth likewise said some civilization worried Portland can be attacked by sea, due to the fact that that had actually happened in the past, and could quickly have occurred a couple of years previously when british ships were just exterior the harbor during the war of 1812.

“And we had actually just obtained over the battle of 1812 and it was thought ‘not a an excellent idea to have your funding so vulnerable"," said the historian.

So in 1822, the Legislature orders a committee to find for brand-new locations for the capital.They got requests native Augusta, Hallowell, Wiscasset, Belfast, and Portland, claimed Earle Shettleworth, focusing on a location centrally located for the population at the time.

“The finest offer to be Augusta, which said we will give you Weston’s Hill, whereby the statehouse is now, and also we will provide you the beautiful land indigenous Weston Hill down to the river for a state park,” Shettleworth said.

He stated Augusta was even willing to assist pay for the building. In spite of those seeming benefits, it took five more years because that the Legislature to agree on the deal. They finally did, the new State home was built and in 1832 the capital moved from Portland.

“Portland was no happy to have the big apple taken far from them,” claimed Adams. "Portland made numerous efforts to gain it back."

“Literally every legislative conference from climate to 1907 there to be a bill to return the funding to Portland.”

Finally, after ~ 80 year of those arguments, Maine voter passed an amendment come the constitution to declare Augusta the long-term capital.

Two hundred years after statehood began, Maine is bigger, the State home larger. Augusta no longer really in the center. However still the center of the decisions the will form Maine’s future.


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