Maine is a state uncovered in the northeastern section of the United states of America. That is bordered ~ above the West by new Hampshire, on the northeast by brand-new Brunswick, ~ above the northwest by Quebec, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Maine is the 41st most populous state in the united state States. It has actually a populace of 1.3 million people. Its resources is Augusta.

Maine overview

The citizens of Maine are well-known as Mainers or Maineiac. This state is informally described as “The pine Tree State” or “Vacationland.” around 83% of the Maine soil is spanned with forests, the most forest cover of any kind of US State. There are many rivers, lakes, jagged rocks, cliffs, and bays. The state is harbored by plenty of islands including the island of Shoals Island.

Maine is abbreviated together ME or Me. It was admitted to statehood in 1820. Prior to statehood, Maine was recognized as the ar of Maine and also was component of Massachusetts. The present governor and also head the Maine state is Paul LePage. Maine state has actually no main language.

Maine is split into 16 counties which encompass Kennebec, Knox, Oxford, Somerset, York, and Waldo. These counties are likewise the political jurisdictions the Maine state. The biggest county is Aroostook v an area the 6,829 square kilometers.

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Augusta overview

The capital city of Maine is Augusta. Various other cities in Maine encompass Portland, Bangor, Lewiston, and also Presque. Portland is the largest city in Maine v a population of 66,881 human being as the 2015. Augusta is located in Kennebec County.


Augusta is the 3rd smallest funding in the united state by population after Montpelier, Vermont, and Pierre. It has a populace of 19,136 people. In Maine state, Augusta is the 9th biggest city. Augusta was asserted the capital city that Maine in 1832. The funding occupies a full of 150.30 square kilometers. The end of this, 142.79 square kilometers comprises of soil while 7.51 square kilometers is water.

The populace of Augusta as of 2015 to be 19,136 people. The is the easternmost funding city in the US.

Climate the Augusta

The climate the Augusta is classified as humid continental. It consists of wet, warm, and also humid summers conversely, the winters room cold and also snowy. July is the sexy month v temperatures rising above 26 levels Celsius. January is the coldest month v an average low temperature the -12.2 degrees Celsius.

Augusta boundaries Windsor come the east, Chelsea to the south, Hallowell to the southeast, Manchester to the west and Sidney and Vassalboro to the north. The capital of Maine is the ar seat that Kennebec County.

Government the Augusta

Maine’s mechanism of federal government comprises that a Mayor and the City Council. The City council is in charge of every legislative duties the the city. Over there is also a City Manager that serves together the purchasing certified dealer of the city. The market of Maine is Davis Rollins.

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The funding has its own flag and seal.