When friend think of the state of Maine, you may think the Steven Spielberg, beautiful beaches, and also snowy winters. However, there is so much more to the pine Tree State, specifically its capitol in main Maine, the city of Augusta.

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Sandwiched in between Portland in the South and also Bangor in the North, Augusta is regularly overlooked when thinking about Maine. However you shouldn?t counting it out! There room loads of things come see and do in and around downtown Augusta.

The main Maine federal government museum, the Maine State Museum is just one of the oldest state-run museum in the country. Discover all there is come know around Maine?s past, present and future with exhibits and various collections.

2. MaineState House

Built in 1832, the house of Maine?s legislature has actually gone through numerous renovations and changes. Tour the capitol building and see wherein Maine?s regulations are made, as well as learn some history.

3. Old fort Western

Built in 1754, and also a National historical Landmark, Old fort Western is America?s oldest surviving wooden fort. Constructed on the head the the navigation of the Kennebec river in Gardiner, fort Western ?served together a strengthened storehouse in support of ft Halifax, 17 mile to the north.? You deserve to visit this living background museum and also get an within look into life in the 18th century.

4. Blaine House

Home come Maine?s governors, you space able to tourism this house built in 1919. Walk around the gardens, or gain a tourism of the state dining room, state reception room and more. This historical site in Maine’s funding city is certain to awe and also inspire, and also maybe you’ll also get a glimpse that the sit governor!

5. Capitol Park

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Located outside of the State Capitol, Capitol Park was developed in 1827. Made up of 34 acre overlooking the Kennebec River, you have the right to wander around and take in the beauty beauty of indigenous trees and shrubs.

6. Children?s exploration Museum

The Children?s discovery museum ?has a mission come ignite curiosity and also celebrate finding out through play.? Technically not in Augusta, the is located in surrounding Waterville, yet will be fine worth the quick ride as soon as the museum reopens after relocating from Augusta.

7. Kennebec river Rail Trail

Enjoy some outdoor time top top this rail trail. A 6.5-mile windy trail, the Kennebec flow Rail follow connects the neighborhoods of Augusta, Hallowell, Farmingdale, and also Gardiner. You’ll gain biking, walking, rollerblading, and also taking a break v a picnic when you take it in the see of the river.

8. Hallowell

Walk follow me the Kennebec river Rail trace to adjacent Hallowell (or drive if you don?t feel up to the walk). This quaint historic town has much to offer, from an arts gallery, The Gaslight Theatre (Maine?s earliest continuously operation theater), and loads of shopping.

9. Viles Arboretum

Open sunrise come sunset, this factory garden is well worth a visit. The Viles Arboretum sits on 224 acre with five miles of trails, has actually over 5,000 ranges of trees and also shrubs, and over 20 collection of trees, flowers and other plants. A visitor center and gift shop are open up Wednesday through Saturday.

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10. 1st Amendment Museum

Located in the Gannett House, a house developed in 1911, you will learn around the Gannett?s and all around the 1st Amendment when you take it a totally free tour in ~ this museum. Wilhelm H. Gannett to be a publisher and also proponent of the first Amendment. The museum guarantees to inspire ?Americans come live and also love their an initial Amendment freedoms.?

11. Cushnoc imminent Co

Take a break from the all and enjoy some an excellent beer and food in the downtown area in ~ the Cushnoc unavoidable Co. Through high quality craft beer made ideal in Augusta, and also some delicious hardwood fired pizza, you?ll be looking front to dinner riverfront after a long day that sightseeing. V fun called beers prefer ?Gigantic Dad Pants,? and ?Shimmy Shimmy Yay,? you might just uncover yourself to buy a 4 pack come go.

Still haven’t had enough of Maine’s capital city? check out some an ext attractions uncovered here, from historical sites to contemporary venues:

1. Councilor Inn & Spa

2. The branch Hill Mansion

3. Jaw Tree State Arboretum

4. University of Maine in ~ Augusta

5. Riverfront shopping along Water Street

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