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Temperature Scales

One of the an essential quantities in science is temperature, which is a measure of the median amount of power of motion, or kinetic energy, a device contains. Temperatures space expressed utilizing scales that usage units referred to as degrees. There space three scales used for reporting temperatures. Figure (PageIndex1) to compare the 3 temperature scales.

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For many purposes, that is agree to use 273 rather of 273.15 in Equation efC2K.

Note that the Kelvin scale does no use words degrees; a temperature of 295 K is talked of as “two hundreds ninety-five kelvin” and also not “two hundreds ninety-five levels Kelvin.”

Example (PageIndex2): Room Temperature

If the common room temperature is 72.0°F, what is room temperature in degrees Celsius and kelvin?


First, we usage Equation efF2C to determine the temperature in degrees Celsius:

<eginalign* ^circC &= (72.0-32) imes dfrac59 \<5pt> &= 40.0 imes dfrac59 \<5pt> &= 22.2^circC endalign*>

Then we use Equation efC2K to identify the temperature in the Kelvin scale: