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I"m searching for a technological definition. someone asked me if you call and instrumental a "song" and i claimed no, due to the fact that a track is defined as something with words......and ns wrong? any kind of insight? BILL

I"d speak you were right. an old inquiry ... Cantata - sung, sonata - played. Something ns don"t prefer - classical music = orchestral music. Technically, classic music originates from the Haydn/Mozart era but so many people think that classical is one orchestra playing something various other than film soundtracks.

initially Posted through ilikemonkeys I"m searching for a technical definition. who asked me if you call and also instrumental a "song" and i claimed no, because a track is identified as something through words......and i wrong? any insight? invoice

I"d additionally say you were right, technically speaking, yet usage in English probably enables for the word "song" even if there space no words. But then again, birdsongs have actually no indigenous (unless girlfriend think of them as scat or whistles). Otherwise, IMHO: because that Jazz: a "composition" because that Folk/Rock: a "tune" ??

Pieces? Tracks? Numbers? Tunes, yes. Can be movements, concertos, pavans, galliards, fancies, ditties...

from the approach of a dictionary, you room right. personally, ns don"t think semantics space that big of a transaction in this case. I largely prefer instrumental music, and i"m that the opinion that important music in the hand of the proper musicians deserve to sing volumes over what any sung lyric can. i generally use among two epithets.. Track or track.
I use "piece" or "track" if I want to refer to a song or an instrumental interchangeably. Yeah. It"s like the same thing v a human or a group. Exactly how do you describe both of this in the exact same sentence? i (try to) constantly use the plural: I.E., "Who room your favourite artists?"
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I have no trouble calling it a song, however to confer more information could use "instrumental" when an initial describing something come someone. Also: I usage track and also song interchangeably.

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dictionary characterized song together adaptive because that singing. technically a song without singing is instrumental. Technically it also based on various genre. Rock instrumental deserve to be a solo, a record of ambients is an approximately recording. Up to this suggest its becoming really acceptable already just to speak to them songs when refering come a specific track in an album. Uneven its for a last exam or you"re walking to gain killed for using the term song to median instrumental. If i need to think this intellect about such small thing i will need to kill myself too.
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