a record of the amounts of money payment into and taken the end of your bank account throughout a particular duration of time:
a file that gives details that a the special needs of a child with a particular disability or problem and also any extra aid he or she should receive at school:

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used to refer to a item of clothing, jewelry, etc. The is designed to be very noticeable and also stylish:
to officially give a boy with a certain disability or problem a declare of education needs:
make/release/issue a declare She believed the executives were most likely to do a statement after the meeting.
a written/public/joint declare The agency put the end a written statement but refused requests for press interviews.
say sth in a explain "Business gathered momentum again in Germany adhering to two year of decline," the agency said in a statement.
a printed or digital record the the money that is paid right into or taken out of your financial institution account during a particular duration of time:
Each employee receives a formal annual statement the the monetary value the the services they are receiving indigenous the company.

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A confirmation statement will certainly be sent complying with all transactions other than those entailing a reinvestment the dividends.
now up come 70 million consumers have had actually their an individual information stolen including names, mail addresses, phone numbers or email addresses, according to a statement.
The statement renders it clear that all data included on the district"s device is own by the school.
the made these statements even in front of teachers and also students, and started receiving help from the teacher"s unions.
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