Obvisly ppl space lying cuz prefer they room all giving differnt frigin numbers lol and ya like they said offer him a little privacy like why perform you ppl even care around his phone call number btw a actual fan wouldnt care about it..

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Justin Bieber
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Well sence i know he will most likely be transforming his number anyways in ~ the next week i will certainly tell friend what his number is... Possibly you will be able to catch him befor he transforms it.. (860)389-8090
i want to have a genuine relationship through him probably it will help me. I had actually problems and also i store on cheating top top guys. Ns dont want that no more. I have to be a far better person climate i when was.
obviously your no a genuine fan since I am an infinity and also beyond true belieber and I care around his phone number due to the fact that we all desire to call HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! dont be stupid.
i have no idea what that is however if i brand-new i would be talk to him at this veary minute lol i would provide you his number but i would certainly think perhaps not or would certainly he be mad that someone he brand-new would just give his number away prefer that but good questin but i would let you have his number in a heart beat if he would let me hahahhahhahaha lol
only like certain ppl knw. Sorry. But he wants to keep it exclusive so that fans dont store calling that 24/7
these room all justin biebers phone numbers I have actually tried castle they really work! (212) 333-8000 (212) 277-9000 (616) 795-0025
Yeah guys only Justins an individual frineds choose me and also his family know his number.. Sorry ns would offer it however I cant and Justin says hello to u all.. And also he states you room the ideal xD
hay ns prity shour friend aint gained it hen so not lie wat a hate about people choose you ya every lie gets me for this reason up tight aagghh n if u obtained it why no somebody eles n just how did u gain it!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
yea if u do understand justin tell the i said hi and i love the so much and keep trying cuz human being hate ~ above him and let him understand that ns still a belieber
yes thats ideal lol um ur not his personal friend and also u don't got it ur just one more fan girl lol the one who has it is me i'm Austin Mahone's cousin and i satisfy justin a couple of times and also everything i like his family and his friends okay and also he wont offer them out yet if you have fbs and also you want me to ask him if i can provide some pan it i will certainly if you just come to be a fan and you simply tell me ur fb name and i'll uncover you lol and i don't lie around this it s okay i have everyone but thanks love y'all :*
I don"t know Justin Biebers # But I recognize my # I"m Lea Michele (If girlfriend don"t know who ns am look that up)My # is: 1(408)684-1029
i not think everyone will ever get his # ao just forget about it.hence his no the only one in the world
im a pan of justin bieber cause hes all ns need likewise he has nothing bad on him also he has actually a great smile hes sexy and also hes means the hole people to me and also hes component of my feet life

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these room all justin biebers phone number I have tried castle they really work! (212) 333-8000 (212) 277-9000 (616) 795-0025
These ppl are totally lying BC castle give various numbers and also ik that part ppl room so obsessed through JB and also I gain it and and if you space I sorry yet its true if you to be a pan you wouldn"t care BC there are various other boys for you not just JB. And if you do get his number don"t it is in calling the 24/7 BC that would really annoy him alot and also he won"t speak to you earlier So my answer is: that it doesn"t issue at all