"I"ve loved sports since I to be old enough to overcome a Chicago street through myself. I"m happy that ns made pro football a career. It has been great to me in the material sense, but more important is that I have been linked with youth in all my years as a agree football coach and also owner.”

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George Stanley Halas. . .Truly "Mr. Everything" of agree football. . . Founded Decatur Staleys, attended league organizational meeting in 1920. . .Only person linked with NFL throughout very first 50 years. . . Coached Bears for 40 seasons and six NFL titles. . . Record note of 324 coaching wins stand for almost three decades. . .Recorded many "firsts" in pro coaching, administration. . .Also played finish for nine seasons. . . Born February 2, 1895, in Chicago. . .Died October 31, 1983, at period of 88.


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George Halas Chicago bear

"I"ve love sports since I was old enough to overcome a Chicago street by myself. I"m happy that ns made agree football a career. It has actually been good to me in the product sense, but an ext important is that I have been associated with youth in all my years as a agree football coach and also owner.”

George Halas was connected with the Chicago Bears and the nationwide Football league from their inception in 1920 till his fatality in 1983. He represented the Bears, originally well-known as the Decatur Staleys, in ~ the NFL’s organizational meeting organized in Canton, Ohio.

During his significant career that filled the pair of shoes of owner, manager, player, and promoter, and also was an influential leader amongst the NFL’s ownership. The was, however, together a coach the he excelled and was finest known. Back Halas coached his Bears for 40 seasons, the stepped away from the coaching ranks 3 times – 1930-1932, 1942-1945 (to serve in the military), and also 1956-1957.

Each time a rejuvenated Halas went back to the sidelines come coach and won an NFL championship. Twice, in 1934 and 1942, Halas’ teams had undefeated regular-season records. His 318 regular-season wins and 324 complete victories to be long-standing NFL documents until damaged by Don Shula in 1993.

His Chicago Bears teams won six NFL titles, the first coming in 1921 ~ the Staleys moved to Chicago. George"s Bears winner three various other divisional titles and finished 2nd 15 times. Only six of Halas" 40 teams finished listed below the .500 mark.

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As a coach, Halas was first in plenty of ways: the very first to hold day-to-day practice sessions, come utilize movies of opponents" gamings for study, to schedule a barnstorming tour, and also to have his team"s gamings broadcast on radio. With his players, George maintained tight control. Disobedience and insubordination were no tolerated. Along with Ralph Jones, his coach indigenous 1930 v 1932, and also consultant Clark Shaughnessy, Halas perfected the T-formation attack with the guy in motion. It to be this terrible force that driven the bears to their stunning 73-0 NFL title success over Washington in the 1940 NFL Championship Game and also sent every other organization team scurrying come copy the Halas system.