I’d wager that countless of you have visited Craigslist.org at some time in her life. I have searched Craigslist because that jobs, apartments and far-ranging others. Although I’m off the date market, the stench of do the efforts to discover a day on Craigslist as an HIV-positive human being stubbornly remains in my nostrils.

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As a native new Yorker that still stays in the new York City area, ns going to usage their brand-new York site to define what I average (although ns confident other cities would be similar).

To acquire some new perspective, ns searched this particular day on newyork.craigslist.org/m4m (Warning: The words and photos in the M4M section?well, in the whole personals ar on Craigslist—are sexually explicit!) and also got the complying with results: i typed in “DDF” (an acronym because that “drug and disease free”—ugh, I have so many issues with that phrase which I’ll explore in another post) in the search field. I obtained 962 results. I typed in “sdrta.net” (need ns explain?) in the search field. I acquired 45 results.

The sdrta.net/DDF ratio is mind-numbing. Less than 5 percent that the write-ups on Craigslist M4M stating a choice for HIV status space friendly come HIV-positive gay males (and different search criteria won’t change the essence of my argument).

I don’t have a difficulty with HIV-negative men who have actually educated us on HIV transmission and have nevertheless concluded the sex with someone who is HIV-positive is too lot of a danger for them to take. I may disagree with them, however that is their notified decision.

I do have actually a difficulty with HIV-negative guys specifying “DDF” who have not appropriately educated us on HIV infection (although many say they have) and also have wrongly concluded that sex with someone who is HIV-positive will instantly put them at undue risk for HIV transmission also if much safer sex approaches are used. (Not to point out that “DDF” is too often the just HIV avoidance effort plenty of of these men engage in, yet I digress?again, it is for another post.)

I’m picking on Craigslist, yet they’re not alone. There are plenty of various other sites filled with stigma and also rejection if she HIV-positive. At the very least on sdrta.net Personals and other HIV-friendly dating sites, girlfriend can emphasis on your search for love instead of your HIV status.

Click here to read “HIV condition Unknown for ’Negative’ men Online” indigenous sdrta.net treatment News—the article discusses a study that discover disturbing disclosure patterns online (“Of the men who’d never ever been tested because that HIV, 72 percent claimed that all of their digital profiles stated their HIV status as negative...”).

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UPDATE: Click here to review “Deconstructing DDF”—another short article that i promised above to describe why the phrase “DDF” bothers me.