So you’ve been play cribbage for just long enough to wonder why there is one “S” on her cribbage board. Or girlfriend got ruined one game and your adversary said castle “skunked” you, but you have no idea what that means. That sounds poor right? nothing is much more gratifying than skunking your opponent and also nothing stings more than gaining skunked.

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So what is a skunk in a cribbage? A skunk is as soon as a cribbage video game is won by in between 31 and also 60 points. A dual skunk is as soon as a game is won by 61 and 90 points. The exceptionally rare triple skunk is when a video game is winner by 91 points or more.

So why walk a skunk in cribbage exist? What objective does it offer in casual beat versus competition play? us will failure what you have to know around skunks in cribbage also as twin skunks and triple skunks.

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What go a “skunk” and also “double skunk” median in cribbage?

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Getting skunked in cribbage (or obtaining “lurched” if you are British) is not just worse than simply losing, it could additionally mean an ext in state of match points. If a player loses by 31 or an ext points in a game of cribbage, that is called a skunk.

While the is mostly just for bragging rights in casual play, part leagues favor the American Cribbage Congress recognize a skunk as worth 3 complement points rather of simply the regular 2 match points because that a win.

Over time, the principle of a “double skunk” whereby a player is win by an ext than 61 points come about, however it doesn’t have any included significance in terms of tournament play. It just adds insult to injury of currently getting handily beaten.

There is even mention of a “triple skunk” whereby a player is to win by 91 points yet this would certainly be dang near impossible. If an adversary can’t even score 30 points prior to the various other player will 121, they either room intentionally bad or have the worst happy of all time.

Why is over there an S ~ above a cribbage board?

Skunk heat on 3-Track Cribbage Board

Almost every cribbage boards have pegholes grouped in fives so determining if a skunk has occurred is as basic as counting six teams of pegholes in between your current score and also the end.

Some cribbage boards will certainly actually note the skunk present (and occasionally even dual skunk lines) through an “S” or simply a line. Some have even more unique designs but they all median the very same thing. If you see a mark in between peghole 90 and also 91, then the is her board’s method of noting the skunk line.

When do skunks matter and also should you also worry about them?

For casual play, skunks and twin skunks normally don’t matter at all other than for the bragging legal rights of having skunked your adversary or the dead of gift skunked. Some world count skunks as two gamings won if they room playing a complement of multiple games.

But in tournament play, gaining skunked or skunking your opponent could play a big part in winning. Some leagues give included weight to games won by skunking. The American Cribbage Congress tournament rules state that games won through skunking are worth 3 video game points rather of the common 2 just for winning.

That extra game allude could be a large deal in ~ the finish of the competition in determining the winner.

How to stop being skunked in cribbage

Avoiding gift skunked in cribbage can quickly become the score of a video game if friend get means behind and your adversary is sure to peg out before you do.

If you are the pone (ie. No the dealer), you will obtain to score your hand first so as long as your opponent is not within pegging range of the end of game, you can probably just shot to store the biggest hand you can make and try to score your means across the skunk line.

If you room the dealer and also you room last to count her hand, you might want to focus on pegging methods instead of trying to gain the best hand. Readjust up her discard strategy to focus on cards that may let you peg yourself across that skunk line before your adversary counts his hand and wins.

If girlfriend are an ext than six points far from the skunk line, you might be directly out of luck and a skunk is inescapable so you might as well try to store the biggest scoring hand feasible hoping that your foe doesn’t peg out before you acquire a opportunity to count her cards.


Skunks, dual skunks and also triple skunks room all a fun added dynamic to the video game of cribbage and most of the moment they median nothing various other than an objective way to say her whipped up on your foe or gained whipped.

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They perform come into play through some competition scoring therefore salvaging a skunk to keep your adversary from getting an extra game allude could be a large deal. Analyzing the opportunity of a skunk early on enough to devise an optimized strategy to avoid it might prove helpful if you are playing competitive cribbage.