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If you are new to horses, climate the opportunities are that you’ve learned the basics that riding terminology from her friends or online. However, equestrians have numerous unique words, and also I’ve learned end the years the these are frequently unfamiliar or also intimidating because that newcomers.

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A riding horse is likewise known together a “saddle horse” or “steed.” A person who rides horses can be referred to in many ways, such as a horseback rider, rider, equestrian, jockey, wrangler, or horseman, relying on the region and context.

The civilization of horses is vast and beautiful, yet it deserve to be confound for people learning to ride. There’s a different language that many don’t recognize when they an initial start the end – girlfriend needn’t worry if you’re not acquainted with all the state yet since I walk over castle here.


Horse ax every horseman must know.

Whether the is the quiet serenity that a steed grazing in the field or the adrenalin-inducing sight of a horse rider galloping under the race track, equines stir emotions on many levels. One equestrian might talk about how the steed switched leader or relocated from a trot to a canter.

And plenty of may not understand what they space talking about. In this article, i cover nicknames, namesakes, and expressions provided for ‘riding horse,’ names given for steed riders, words provided for a horse’s movements, body parts, tack, etc.

I tried come cover most words and also phrases with a mix of both technical and slang, however I’m sure it’s no all-inclusive, and also I’ll have to update as I think that more. Yet this should provide you a an excellent reference, and I expect this knowledge rises your understanding and also enjoyment of your horse.

What is a riding horse called?

A riding steed is also called a ‘saddle horse’ or a steed and is provided for recreation, sport, or business. A steed has to be solid and have actually a an excellent temperament to job-related with people. Words steed comes from the Old English native strēd, which means running or traveling.

Below is a list of indigenous or synonyms used for horse riding and horse riders:

Important terms for equine riding and also horse riders.Stock horse – this type of steed works v livestock and also cattle. The is a historic term used for working horses in ranches and farms.Campdrafting horse – This is an Australian term because that a horse and rider provided for working cattle.Cutting equine – these horses and also riders take part in a Western-style equestrian competition wherein the rider and his/her mount have actually to screen a 2 ½ minute run.Cowboy/bronco/buckaroo – mounted cattle-handThis form of steed works a single cow and even performs in equestrian competitions whereby it is judged on trends of its herding work, accuracy, timing, etc. While working a cow.Showjumping – portraying a human being on horseback.Dressage – the ballet ~ above horseback; likewise called flatworkHaute Ecole – like dressage/ballet ~ above horseback.Hack – In the west lingo, a hack is a equine well-suited to the hunter classes.Caballero – horsemanGaucho – horse riderStraphanger – steed riderCowpoke – rancherVaquero – herdsman; slang because that Mexican cowboy.Broncobuster – horsemanCavalryman – soldier on horsebackRanahan or ranny – an proficient cowboyRemuda – a herd of steeds that room saddle broken.

Some other essential horse terms you must know.

The meaning of equine riding is ‘the task of riding a horse for sports or satisfied or work – for enjoyment or competition.’ In the united States, we often use the term “horseback riding” as soon as talking about riding a horse; I’m unsure exactly how this phrase came about.

The adhering to is a list of the numerous terms supplied to explain riding and other equine related activities:

Equestrian – It’s a large term and encompasses all persons who work-related with and also ride horses. It can be a noun and an adjective. The adjective represents the relenten of a human on horseback. It likewise encompasses all things associated to horse riding. Bareback – to ride there is no a saddleBreak in – come tame a wild horseGroom – the one that looks ~ horses/the plot of taking care of a horseHack – british word because that riding a steed for pleasure.Horsemanship – the ability of riding, training, and managing a horseSidesaddle- sit in the steed saddle through both her feet top top one side.

Terms used to explain a horse’s movements.

Gaits – a horse uses a different pace because that each the its forward activities – like a jog, walk, trot, etc.Canter (also dubbed lope) – If a steed canters, it method it deserve to ride in ~ a fairly fast pace. This is the average gait between 10 and also 17 mph.Gallop – once a horse gallops, the is to run as rapid as the can.Trot – Trot is a sluggish pace of steed riding – in ~ an median of 8 mph. As soon as a horse trots, its prior leg and the opposite foot behind loss on the floor simultaneously.Walk – slowest gait the a equine (about 4 miles every hour)Jog – Slower and less elevated version of trotJib – a British native for when a steed stops midway through a drive suddenly and refuses to move.

Terms used to explain the components of a horse.

Crest – This is the area along the peak of the neck where the skin and dedicated fat sheathe the nuchal ligament.Withers – The withers room the highpoint on a horse’s body over its shoulders; the ridge in between the shoulder blades.Loin – This is located in between the last rib and also the croup.Croup – The ar behind the saddle – especially the posterior partGaskin _ the upper component of the hind legHock – The hock is likewise called the tarsus – a region in the hind limbs. That is the most an effective but also the most breakable joint in the horse’s body.Coronet band – this is the junction in between the hoof wall and hairline.Pastern – this is the area between the horse’s hoof and also the fetlock joint.Cannon – ~ above the hind leg, the cannon is the part between the hock and ankle; ~ above the foreleg, the cannon is the component between the knee and ankle.

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Horse tack terms

Cantle – the is prefer the backrest on a saddle. Cantle provides support to the rider’s back.Girth – west riders call this the cinch. A cinch supplies two/three animal leather straps (billets) on both sides of the saddle to host it firmly in ar on the horse.Bridle – The bridle includes nosebands, bits, cheek pieces, reins, headpiece, throat latch, and also browband. These parts work together to communicate and also guide your horse. Over there are various combinations and types of bridles provided for certain purposes. Martingale or tie-downs – these space of several types. English martingales room straps that run about the horse’s neck and a 2nd strap crosses the an initial at the chest. A running martingale applies restraining press on the horse’s mouth.Reins – strips of materials connecting rider’s hands to the bit. They can be make of leather, web, nylon, cotton, etc.Noseband – Nosebands are of 4 types. In the most basic form, a noseband uniform the steed from opened its mouth as well wide.