Hotel California is among my favourite songs. One mysterious heat at the beginning of the track states:

Warm smell of colitas, rising up with the air

I speak some Spanish, however neither ns nor mine friends that are indigenous speakers can decipher what "colitas" are.

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What space colitas in this context?



The method I heard it, one of the men on their road crew, that was Latino, told Henley and also Frey the "colitas" meant "little buds" in Spanish. As in, marijuana buds. So, in the lyric they"re describing driving down the highway smoking cigarettes weed.


When this album came out I had the main music sheet because that this song. I"m pretty certain colitas must be "eucalyptus".

I think in the track the words obtain a small bit muzzy together they periodically do, and also the little bit that comes through loud and clear sounds like colitas. Ns think it"s passed in to common lore that that is the word sung even though nobody knows what it means!

"Warm smell of eucalyptus, climbing up with the air".

Try it, hear again, acquire the phrasing right and it"s bang on.

By the way, eucalyptus, grows quite commonly in south California.

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Colitas space the name of a popular oxtail soup in Baja California.

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I heard who tell me that the smell of colitas is the oder the a decomposing body. Ns never can find anyone else who can give me one answer.

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