Baby turkeys are very soft, sensitive, and innocent birds. If you space a bird lover, you might ask part questions like “What space baby turkeys called?” or “How can I correctly take care of these delicate creatures?”.

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This write-up will tell you much more about part popular surname of baby turkeys and also share some necessary advice ~ above raising and also caring for them.

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What are Baby Turkeys Called?

Chick, poult, and turkeyling space three usual names to call a baby turkey less than 4 main old.

A baby wild turkey is called “chick”, when “poult” and also “turkeyling” are often used to contact a residential one in poultry. However, “chick” is the most typical name for baby turkeys because these young creatures look at lovely like chicks.


Chicks should live in a clean, dry environment with no drafts and great ventilation to keep their most satisfactory physical development. The real estate should be safe and also secure enough to protect these vulnerable creatures from their predators.

Grass or soft bedding is recommended to produce a warm and also comfortable living an are for chicks. However, you need to avoid cedar lumber shavings since they can cause serious respiratory problems.

Also, you shouldn’t administer them tiny shavings in their first week because they have the right to swallow the shavings. Moreover, to create a non-slip floor, use some rubber drawer liner at the bottom of your housing.

Depending top top the turkey breeds, you can start providing quick roosts once the chicks reach 3 main old. Part turkey breeders usage straws for bedding. Yet, you have to be aware that this bedding form is not an ideal selection for every living spaces since it can reason aspergillosis in some circumstances.

Some notices for huge turkey breeds:

Set increase a lower or more comprehensive roosting area. Otherwise, they deserve to be fragile or hurt if jumping native a significant height together they grow.Provide deeper bedding but not also deep to cause difficulties walking.

When the chicks space under 6 weeks old, you have the right to only present them to the outdoor atmosphere with supervision top top warm and calm days. However, chicks must be earlier in their indoor living an are at the finish of the day or in rainy, stormy, or exceptionally hot or cold days.

Social considerations

Chicks require to connect with various other chicks to learn social skills from their society. Later, you can introduce or unify them right into an present turkey i cry or construct a brand-new flock.

However, if you care for a noble poult, make sure that you feeding it properly and follow the quarantine procedure. You shouldn’t ar them in a flock due to the fact that it could spread disease.

Even once the chick is remaining alone in that is quarantine period, it need to stay through a stuffed pet to no feel for this reason lonely.

A group of infant turkeys without your mothers can miss some crucial time of breakthrough with their parents. Therefore, they have to take special care in their social skill development.


1. Why room young masculine turkeys dubbed jakes?

Ben Franklin named adult male turkeys “toms” after thomas Jefferson, shortened to “tom” together turkeys space not cats. At your teenage age, young masculine turkeys are known as “jakes,” while juvenile female turkeys are known as “jennies”.

2. Why are baby turkeys dubbed poults?

Baby turkeys increased in the hatcheries are referred to as “poult”. Poultry breeders frequently use this term in advertisement poultry farms.

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3. How long perform baby turkeys continue to be with your mother?

Wild baby turkeys can not fly and stay defended by your mothers during their very first 4 main of life. As soon as chicks have actually finished learning how to uncover food and also navigate their safety and security zone, they can leave their mothers and start living separately in nature.

Final Words 

In-depth understanding of baby turkeys’ natural habitats is essential. It gives you much more confidence and an useful information to raise healthy turkeys indigenous their very first week old until adulthood. So, what carry out you speak to a baby turkey? A chick or a poult?