L> The Bohr version - DescriptionThe Bohr model of the AtomA quick DescriptionDefinitionsWhat is it?Related TopicsWhat it is:As us all know, from our chemistry book, each aspect in the regular tablehas its own characteristic emission spectrum. The spectrum is a resultof applying some sort of energy, such together heat, come a sample and passingthe irradiate emitted through a slit, to acquire a small beam. Climate the beamis sent out through a glass prism come disperse the light into the spectrum.Each line in the spectrum corresponds to one electronic change betweenenergy levels associated with the element. This levels are dubbed energystates.The lowest power state one atom can be at is dubbed its ground state.When an electron in an atom has took in energy that is stated to it is in in anexcited state. An excited atom is unstable and tends to rearrange itselfto return to its lowest energy state. As soon as this happens, the electronslose some or all of the excess energy by create light. Light is onlyemitted at specific frequencies, each matching to a particular electronictransition in ~ the permitted states.The Bohr model is provided to account because that the spectrum that the hydrogen atom,but the simple idea is the exact same for every elements. The single electron inhydrogen revolves approximately the cell core in one of a limited number the circularorbits. When it is in the orbit closest come the nucleus the is in that is groundstate, this electron is in the valence band of the element.When hydrogen is heated, or some other energy is being used to it,the atom absorbs the energy and the electron i do not care excited and also "jumps"to one orbit farther indigenous the nucleus. In other words, the goes approximately a higherenergy state. The more energy is applied to the atom, the greater in statesthe electron goes until the suggest where it i do not care a complimentary electron andno longer part of the atom.The currently in an emissions spectrum happen when the electron loser energy,"falls back", indigenous a higher energy state come a reduced one emitting photonsat different frequencies for different energy transitions.You could want to take it a look at the moviefor a more visual explanation. You will require Shockwaveinstalled for your web browser in order for it to run. It need to run top top theVectras, yet it will not run on the sun workstations. Also, for betterviewing, use the "full screen" choice on her browser.

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