Did you ever wonder what happens to the leftovers top top Cupcake Wars? (Photo courtesy that Food Network)

At the end of a long day, ns reward myself by plopping in prior of the tube to party watch Cupcake wars on the Food Network. If you have actually cable or the internet, you have 24/7 accessibility to the show.

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I love watching exactly how inventive the bakers get when called to create cupcakes through crazy combos choose barbecued beef jerky, Cheez Whiz and Marshmallow Peeps.

I don’t like—but know why—they provide the bakers such a brief time to complete their tasks. (I’m guessing the producer think every the panic and also mayhem provides for “good TV.”) yet if inadequate time is a problem, imagine having actually to number out just how to combine tilapia into a cupcake (no lie, the was really an ingredient on one of the episodes).

The display starts with 4 bakers. There are two elimination rounds and also by the end, two stay to fight it out. The winner takes her or his cupcakes to part swanky event, prefer the solemn event Mattel produced when they introduced Barbie’s new DreamHouse. The winner also gets $10,000 and I would assume, lots of PR for she or his service in her or his hometown print and also digital newspapers.

Cupcake battles finalists’ display screens from July 2016. Each hold 1,000 cupcakes to walk to a swanky party. (Photo courtesy the Jon’s Blog.)

The last round assigns a carpenter to each of the two finalists to come up v a party display, and a bunch the baker wannabes to assist the finalists bake and decorate the 1,000 cupcakes. In the final minutes, anyone helps fill them on come the large display.

A winner is chosen, and also the last 2 minutes of the show take place at the swanky party.

All several fun, yet it leaves me wondering. What do they execute with the loser’s 1,000 cupcakes?

I go a little online research, starting with the Food Network and Cooking Channel websites (Fun Fact: they space sister networks). Yet where i really gained the scoop to be on websites choose HuffPost, mediamikes.com, and also Natalie Slater’s bakeanddestroy.com. Slater was a judge on the pilot, and on she website’s FAQs, answers the inquiry that, apparently I’m no the only one asking:

“My grandpa wanted to recognize what we did v all those cupcakes. The ones the didn’t go to the Alma Awards were eaten by the cast and crew. Yeah, that’s right. We ate them. We’re on a present called Cupcake Wars! we obviously enjoy eating cupcakes!”

Professional pastry chief Val anne Hielte Welch to be on FN’s Cake Challenge in 2010 and also though she’s never been top top Cupcake Wars, she does have actually some insight: “I can not answer for certain, but the winner’s cake (on Cake Challenge) of course went to the human that it was for. The rest of the cakes (we came in second place) went ideal into large trash cans. Ns was horrified by that due to the fact that I hate to check out perfectly an excellent food wasted. I inquired why castle couldn’t have been donated come a food bank or a homeless shelter, and also they said me that liability concerns prevent them indigenous doing that.”

So what kinds of cupcakes perform you favor to bake? one of my BFFs renders German coco cupcakes for me, using piles Bars. Seriously, I have no words. And that is extremely unusual because that me.



PS: So now that I’ve composed my blog post about high calorie food, I’m going come promo our next event, collection for Oct 18, and featuring Certified Clinical Hypnotist Katherine Nuyens. Ironically, after ~ a 5-course enjoy the meal at Illiano’s in Medford, all guests will pick one food they’d prefer to totally eliminate from their diet. Choose anything, sweet or savory. Oreos? Pasta? candy cigarettes? Katherine will then placed us right into a light trance come make that happen.

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And what will certainly I choose to eliminate on Oct 18? You deserve to bet it i will not ~ be cupcakes.

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